Netgear Orbi AC2200 VS AC3000: Which One Will Be Perfect For Me? [RBK33 OR RBK53]

Orbi AC2200 VS AC3000

Enjoying reliable connections and great gaming speed is not for everyone. If you’re not smarter with the picks, you may get turned down with the router quite often. Of course, with a specified router for your gaming, movies, or even live to stream, you can enjoy a wonderful time. But for this, you need a supportable router.

Both the Orbi AC2200 and the AC3000 are professionals when it comes to performance and workforce. Connecting to multiple devices and giving you a high-speed internet option is the biggest advantage of choosing any one of the routers.

But which one can you specifically choose for your requirements? Are both the same and there’s only a difference in price? For this, you need to go through a detailed Orbi comparison between these two devices and then you can figure out which product to choose and which one not to.

1. Orbi AC2200 VS Orbi AC3000: WiFi Coverage

The WiFi coverage is always a priority when it comes to purchasing any router. You will want to have a higher rate of coverage. So even if you are working in your office or your house is too big, without proper coverage, there will be WiFi dead zones all over.

So to avoid such dead zones, it is important to have higher Wireless coverage with the product. It can give you proper connectivity, even when you are just outside the building, and still require data transmission.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

Coming to this model, it will inspire you to get a great WiFi range on your home with faster activities. Of course, you can experience a maximum of 5000 Square feet range when it comes to coverage.

But the speed may vary depending upon how far you are from the initial setup of the router. If you are sitting too far, it may not be much help. So you need to consider the distance with the WiFi range as moving to a distance of 75 feet will reduce the speed to a much lower amount.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

This is another impressive product from the manufacturer when it comes to being a professional for sharing the network and the WiFi coverage. To be specific with the WiFi range, the Orbi RBK53 has a maximum coverage of 7500 square feet that can give you a dynamic speed of the hour.

Because of this, it becomes easier for you to cover a large area. With this higher range of coverage, it becomes easier to use the AC3000 for a wider space and get reliable connectivity.

Winner: Orbi AC3000

2. Orbi AC3000 VS AC2200: Speed

Speed is one important factor that we all rely on while watching movies, streaming content, downloading files, or even uploading videos. Also, there are multiple devices connected with the same router when we use it at home or the office.

So, having a good speed is always important when you are accessing content on multiple devices. At the same time, it’s not only the router that is responsible for delivering you higher speed.

If you have a high capacity router but the lower speed of data transmission from your ISP, you won’t be able to access it the most. Comparing both these devices, there is a slight difference between the RBK33 and the RBK53.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

This device comes with a tri-band technology that will give you almost three-channel bonds to increase the speed while performing with the router. However, since the product is efficient in delivering high-speed internet, it uses WiFi 5 for delivering the speed.

It clocks at a maximum speed of 2.2 Gbps making the product a great choice for home purposes. Because of this, you can automatically connect more devices and then get an efficient result.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

Compared with the AC2200, the speed of the RBK53 is a bit higher. Because of the tri-band channels present with this product, it offers you a higher speed of 3.3 Gbps for your work. Specifically, it is almost 3.3 Gbps speed that you can get overall.

So if you want a higher speed internet surfing for your multiple devices, this is the right choice. It can be a specific option for office work where speed will be much higher.

Winner: Orbi AC3000

3. Orbi AC2200 VS Orbi AC3000: Ethernet Ports

Apart from just connecting multiple devices over wireless connections, any router also has some Ethernet ports. The main role of having such ports is to establish multiple wired connections to devices such as PC, laptops with the router.

This enables data sharing with the router. Any professional router comes with multiple ports so that you can not only use the wireless connections but also use the wired connectivity options available.

However, using the RBK33 and the RBK53 will give the users an option to connect with other devices through the internet ports. However, there’s a slight difference in the number of ports that you can get in each of them.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

This device comes with a tri-band technology that includes two satellites for increasing the connectivity. But when it comes to the total number of Ethernet ports, you can find out a maximum of 4 Ethernet LAN ports available with the device. Because of this, it becomes easier for you to connect to 4 external devices and then share the internet with them.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

The RBK53, on the other hand, is quite similar to the AC2200 when it comes to a working mechanism. However, the number of Ethernet ports available is around 5. The AC3000 comes with a total of 4 LAN ports along with one external port for the main Ethernet connection. Because of this, the router allows you to configure with an additional external device from where you can also connect to multiple other devices.

Winner: Orbi AC3000

4. Orbi 2200 VS 3000: Connectivity

Another important factor why we install routers in our home is to connect to different devices with the help of a wireless connection. As a result of this, connecting to multiple devices or even establishing strong connectivity is always easier.

Yes, the connectivity features indeed depend a lot on the hardware configurations like the WiFi bands, the connectivity options, and also the coverage area that is working well with the product. Having a higher connectivity strength means you can easily connect with multiple other products on the go.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

The RBK33 is a classic model when it comes to connectivity options. This device comes with a complete setup of tri-band technology and including multiple satellites and 4 LAN ports available. As a result of this, it allows you to easily connect with almost 20 devices.

However, when you connect to 20 devices and remain at a distance, the speeds will automatically dropdown. So it’s better to keep a safe limit to the devices to make sure that there is stable connectivity.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

The Orbi AC3300 is another professional device that you can opt to have if you want to connect it with devices. To be fair with the hardware configuration, these router epitomesā€™ modern technologies, as a result, it gives you a boost to connecting with more number of devices.

Specifically, you can connect to at least 25 devices and a few more with the Orbi RBK53. Thus, it is a tier above the AC 2200 because of the heavy specifications included and the network connectivity options available.

Winner: Orbi AC3000

5. Orbi AC2200 VS Orbi AC3000: Hardware Size

When it comes to installing a product, we always look for a router that is compact and occupies less space. Not every home will have multiple locations to install and neither a big space on the computer table.

As a result, if you choose a bigger model and then end up by not finding available space to install this, it causes multiple problems. To be fair about the products, choosing a device that can be easily installed is equally important.

However, when it comes to design, both of these models look quite similar to each other because of the resemblance in technology and manufacturing. However, there are slight differences in the hardware and alterations in the size as well.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

The RBK33 is a quite compact device when it comes to installation. Because of the compact design and style, it becomes easy to install the device on any particular location. The size is roughly around 6.3 x 3 x 3.3 inches and you can easily find space on the side of the table to install the router. However, coming to the weight, it feels that the AC2200 is slightly heavy in terms of wall mounting. It is around 2.99 pounds and it will be a better idea to just place it on the table.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

The AC3000, on the other hand, is a smarter device when it comes to weight management and also the design of the body. Because of the modern touch and the space occupied by the hardware is higher than the AC2200, it becomes much taller in height. The size is around 6.7 x 8.9 x 3.1 inches which feel to be a decent product to have since the width is almost the same.

However, this does not increase the weight of the RBK53. Quite surprisingly, the weight of the product is around 1.96 pounds. It is much lower than that of the AC2200 which makes it easier to install.

Winner: Tie

6. Orbi AC2200 VS Orbi AC3000: Buyer’s Experience

Before we go on to buy any electronic device, we always check the reviews and it is an important aspect of it. People who have purchased the products share their reviews and it gives us an idea of how the product works after months of usage.

Thus, compiling the problems of the product is an important part before you go on to find one. Not only the good reviews, but the user experience and the comments matter a lot to find out what problems the consumers usually face. After going through several reviews, we found some differences between then and we can share it up here.

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]

Buyers have always rated this device highly when it comes to having so many features at this competitive price. Not many manufacturers have been able to put up a product that does so well and without compromising the qualities of a specific router.

To be fair, some of the buyers have commented as, “Makes the whole house have a good connection”. It is valid because the range of this router is around 5000 square feet and working it with a range of 2000 square feet can be good.

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]

The one thing that most of the consumers liked about Orbi RBK53 is the professionalism of the product. Yes, the price range is a bit higher than what you get with the AC2200, but the features you get are unmatched. So people with higher requirements have found this product to be highly impressive.

To be fair, some of the buyers have commented as “Covers at least 50% larger area, easily”. It seems like he was installing this on an area of 800 square feet and he found it to be working well.

Winner: Tie

Similarities Between Orbi AC2200 and Orbi AC3000

1. Satellites

Having more satellites means that you can always get more network connections with the router. In any router, the work function of a satellite is to provide proper stability to the network and allow you to get multiple devices connected at the same time. The more satellites, the better will be the connectivity.

However, this is a big similarity between the two products as both of them come with similar satellite functions and the same number of satellites for better connectivity. Each of these Orbi routers has two satellites included with them.

2. WiFi Bands

Most of the routers available in the local market have a single thing common and it is dual-band channels. However, when it comes to the RBK33 and the RBK53, there’s one thing in common. The technology included with the product is much higher than what you will find in the local market. However, this tri-band technology is much more advanced than most of the other products available in the market.

As a result of this, both these models have a higher capacity to attract more devices on the go. However, to be specific with the products, they include a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band as the primary two bands. On top of this, there is also another 5 GHz band that increases the strength. So it becomes imperative to use such a device with high connectivity options.

3. Easy To Install

The one thing that every user will like about both these routers is the option of easy installation as well as the configuration. To help you with the procedure, the devices come along with the Orbi application that helps you to set up the WiFi on both the systems.

Because of this application, it becomes fast and much more effective than others. Once it is configured, you can always manage it through the application.

4. MU-MIMO Technology

MU-MIMO technology is a great way of sharing data through multiple connectivity options available. Because of this technology, it becomes easier for any user to have multiple inputs to the device as well as have multiple outputs connected.

However, both these devices are implemented with the same MU-MIMO technology that can help you to get a professional router and get you a lot of options.

5. Guest Access

Another common similarity between these two products is the option to have guest access with the router. Sharing your network publicly to your guests can be a difficult task in hand. As a result of this, it becomes difficult for you to get access to other devices on the go.

Luckily, with the help of this feature, you can create separate access for the guests. So basically you can get a lot of options to limit the usage of data and other works.

6. Parental Controls

Another important feature that you can have in common is the option of a parental control system. Not many routers have such options but with this feature, it becomes easy to limit the access and set up restrictions. If you want to check more options for the Best router for Parental Control then we have a detailed review for you.

Final Recount

To be fair, both these devices are quite similar when it comes to performance, mechanism, and also the design. But there are slight differences that can be the ultimate deciding factor or you to choose. Both of them have a lot in common like the MU-MIMO technology, available LAN ports, dual satellites, and also tri-band technology.

However, the difference in the network coverage, the capacity of the router, and the option of having an external Ethernet port can be an ultimate factor for you to decide upon which product to choose.

Coming to the AC2200 or the RBK33 Orbi, the product features great performance with stable internet connectivity. Apart from this, you can get other options like 5000 sq feet to range with a maximum of 20 connectivity options. However, the biggest advantage is that the price is low. So you can put this to your advantage.

When it comes to the AC3000 or the RBK53 Orbi, there’s only one thing that comes out and it’s the best! This device is truly professional in performance and also the support. You can get at least 25 connection options with this product and also a wide coverage area. So if you want to shell out more money and get a professional model, this is the right pick for you.

Orbi AC2200 VS Orbi AC3000:Pros and Cons

Orbi AC2200 [RBK33]


3 Gigabit ports
Guest access
Up to 4GB flash
MU-MIMO capabilities
Advance cyber threat protection
Parental control


Max till 2000 square feet

Orbi AC3000 [RBK53]


It produces speeds of up to 3.0 Gbps
Easy to set up
Uses the Tri-band technology
Guess access
Comes with four LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports
Parental control
Unrivaled, super-fast, and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity


Price is high

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What type of Ethernet cable works best with this router?

A1. To be fair about the product, I have personally used the CAT 5 system and it turned out to be a perfect purchase for me. However, I can still recommend you to use the CAT 5 or 6 versions of the optical fiber. Since they have great manufacturing, they are reliable for high-speed support.

Q2. Do these support devices using DLNA?

A2. This system comes along with WAN and other LAN systems. But to be fair with the product, I have never seen it working well with multiple DLNA hardware. I’ll be honest and I’ve tried this out, but it never works out to perfection. So it became imperative for me to find out external hardware support for the ReadyDLNA.

Q3. Does the Orbi use WiFi 6?

A3. Honestly, the upgrades on this hardware come with years to come, and many options available for the coming years. You won’t get the upgrade to WiFi 6 if you do not have the firmware upgrades. Unfortunately, both these models are installed with the WiFi 5 support. But it still works well with the 802.11AC.

Q4. Can I hardwire the Orbi to my desk computers?

A4. Well, of course, you can and almost every Orbi user can use this feature. You can set your PC as a hub or even a direct LAN activity available. Since there is a master Ethernet port in all the routers, you can easily configure the product with the help of an optical fiber and get easy connections.

Final Verdict

If you have a great router with yourself, streaming high-quality videos, or even play your favorite game. There is a router for every requirement that you have. But at the same time, if you have specific requirements, you need to be specific about a single product. So choosing an ideal router with an easy connectivity option and a good coverage always gives the upper hand.

According to researchers, both the Orbi RBK33 and the Orbi RBK53 come with great hardware support. As a result, they are completely professional. Now, coming to your requirements with the product, if you are using it just for your home and not willing to shell out a massive amount, the AC2200 can be a great buy.

However, if you have a higher speed requirement and a larger connectivity option, you can always go for the AC3000. Do let us know below about which product you liked the most.