Obi200 VS Obi202: Which VoIP Phone Adapter I Should Choose?

Obi200 VS Obi202

I’ll assume that you all know what an OBi device is. So there’s nothing new, but for the ones who don’t know what an Obihai device is- it’s a simple gizmo that gives you the access to make and receive calls.

Now, if you’re getting confused about which one to pick between the 200 and 202, it’s because both of them have stirred a buzz in the market. So, it’s always a tough choice.

Since I’ve purchased the Obi 202 for myself, I decided to take the 200 for rent from my friend, just to compare them. Hence I came up with this effort to pull down a comparison between the two models. So which one will be the ideal pick for you? Follow the post down Obi200 VS Obi202 to know more.

1. Obi200 VS Obi202: Cell Capacity

The cell capacity means that the number of devices that can be configured with this Obihai gadget. So literally, it is the maximum capacity of the phones that can be used with this Obi device. It’s the most important thing when you consider when you want to use your phone to make calls and do other things.

When you consider either of the Obi 200 or the 202 version, this feature is very necessary. The cell capacity allows you to connect either to a phone or fax that will help you to connect with the Obi device. Here, I have compared both of them below.

Obi 200

When it comes to the cell capacity, the Obi 200 includes one individual port for a phone or fax. This port can be easily used by the device for placing a call or even you can easily connect to the devices with the help of this port.

Since it is the only way you can get connected to the VoIP call, you must keep this port safe. However, the best part is that you can connect to 4 different VoIP services with the help of this port.


Coming to the OBi 202, you can get complete support of 2 cell capacity ports. So in 202, you can connect both the phone and the fax machine at the same time. If you are having one or more home line or your office, this device can turn out to be very handy for your use.

Because of this, you can always expect to connect with multiple VoIP services available. However, when I tried this model, I could support up to 4 different VoIP services with the product.

Winner: Obi 202

2. Obi200 VS Obi202: USB Port

The USB port is another important feature of the Obihai device that I have taken up to consider. If you consider the USB port, this can be very useful as you can always use the port for multiple things.

Because of this, you can use the same with a WiFi adapter and then make it a possibility to use it regularly. Once the adapter is plugged into the port, you can easily use the drive for connecting to multiple devices to the internet. So having the USB port is always an important factor for you to consider.

Obi 200

While I tested the OBi 200, the product includes just one USB port. It’s okay if you consider the performance of the product rather than the slot. With the help of this port, you can easily affix the adapter and then use wireless streaming while connecting to the internet.

Obi 202

Similar to the OBi 202, the product features with one USB port. While I compared the same with the USB 200, I found that the product can always be used for connecting to the internet. You can try it with multiple devices and even connect it to the internet with the help of the same source.

Winner: Tie

3. Obi200 VS Obi202: VoIP Services Supported

If you’re purchasing an OBi device, it’s obvious that you’ll be using it with proper VoIP services supported. This always allows you to get better voice integrated services over the internet protocol. The main function of this service is to convert the voice into a digital signal.

These signals are transmitted to a computer and then send them to the internet with the help of a receiver. The significance of the OBihai devices is that it allows you to make calls directly from your PC. But for this, you do not have to purchase multiple software and other products available.

Obi 200

When I checked out the OBi 200, I found that the device has a high capacity for 4 different VoIP services. Apart from this, I found that the voice encoding algorithm is of high quality and it allows you to get a proper result. The voice quality for the OBi 200 is high and I found it to be sufficient for regular usage.

Obi 202

The OBi 202 is a decent purchase when it comes to VoIP services. While using the device, I found that I could connect up to 4 different services. Similar to the 200 models, you can always expect a decent voice encoding algorithm that will help you to make proper calls.

Winner: Tie

4. Obi200 VS Obi202: Internet Router

When it comes to the internet router, the OBi 200 and also the OBi 202 can both be used in certain ways to ensure internet activity. Now, this is all about the internet activity that is present through the Ethernet cable. So I connected both the devices and came up with a verdict.

Obi 200

While reviewing the product, I found that the Obi 202 comes with voice packet features. So I could easily use this device as a proper internet router. Since it has an internet router port, it allowed me to connect the Obi 200 with multiple other devices and then to the internet. Moreover, with the help of this device, I could even browse and stream data without much delay.

Obi 202

When I compared the Obi 202 with the 200, I found a few minor differences present. However, it includes two internet router ports at the back. So, this has always helped to use both LAN and the internet cables with the device at the same time. Because of this, I felt that the connectivity is slightly better in the 202 models. So I could even use faster internet and browsing with the help of the Obi 202.

Winner: Obi 202

5. Obi200 VS Obi202: LED Indicators

In case of any emergency or any function not working, LED indicators always help you to know about it right from the beginning. For this, you may not have to be present with the help of a digital screen. Both of these devices do not have any type of digital screen present with the product.

Thus, it becomes very important for you to have indications to know if all the functions are properly working or not. Both the 202 and the 200 models have multiple indicating lights that turn from red to orange determining their function.

Obi 200

Coming to the Obi 200, I found that the indicators are present at a decent level for you to see. The indications move from the left to the right and then it can be used to indicate the power. If you can consider the behavior changes of the LED lights, then you can understand flashing from the solid red light to the green light means. However, it properly indicated from the red light to the orange light and then to the flashing green light followed by the solid green light.

All of these indications will start when you push the power button. This will start indicating the data activity on the Ethernet port. The last indication will determine if the call is placed properly.

Obi 202

When it comes to OBi 202, I found that the product has five individual LED indications. Similar to the Obi 200 model, the indications move sequentially from left to the right. Here, the first indication of a solid red light makes sure that the power is stable and the device is working fine. Once it is getting ready, the device starts to flash orange lights. After this, I found that the device shows up a flashing green light to indicate that the device may be ready. There are a few more lights including the solid green light and a fifth bulb.

Once the green light starts blinking, the bulb starts to blink as well. This light represents data activity with the product. There is also another indication that is used to refer to the data activity on the second Ethernet port and the data activity to the call. Next to this button, there is a separate indication that helps you to indicate the call on the phone. Since both of these LEDs are green in color, you may have an initial doubt, but you can clear it out with the manual.

Winner: Obi 202

6. Obi200 VS Obi202: Pros and Cons

Obi 200


The product is easy to set up
It can support up to 4 VoIP service provider
You can get Google Voice
It includes one USB port


Only one router port



The product is easy to install
You can get around two router ports
You can connect with a WiFi adapter
It allows you to get Google setup


The price is a bit high

The Final Recount

While comparing both the OBi 202 and the OBi 200, I found that the OBi 202 seems to be a fair choice with upgraded features. However, you can expect most of the performances to be the same for both the models.  However, you can just expect a slight advantage with the OBi 202.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can I transfer incoming calls between two Google Voice phones?

A1. Well, I’ve tried this feature with the help of multiple Google Voice phones and I found this option to be a possibility. Well, you may not be able to do this by default and it depends on the model you choose. For this, you need two Ethernet ports and the 202 may just be the only option that you have. You need to have good internet connectivity as well.

Q2. Is this supported by Google Voice? Are there any monthly charges?

A2. I’ll be honest about this. I tried it with Google Voice multiple times and it has a high voice algorithm. Both these devices have clear voice transmission and so if you are making calls via the voice service, it won’t be of any problem. Now, the price solely depends on the multiple VoIP services that you are offering services from.

Q3. Can I route incoming calls from the line port to ring Google voice?

A3. This will require another technical ability for you. The best option is to opt for a device that will help you with two Ethernet ports. For this, 202 is an ideal product for you to choose from. Here, you can take the help of the line port to ring it to the Google voice. You can simply use it to get the best results.

Q4. Will this connect to an AT&T Uverse WiFi router?

A4. The AT&T Uverse and the WiFi router will help you to connect with the device instantly. There are multiple options to connect to the VoIP services that will help you to make the calls. So connecting to the AT&T Uverse WiFi router with both the devices is not a difficult task for you.

Q5. Can you make international calls with it?

A5. Of course, you can. But it depends on the multiple VoIP services that you are using. Such services will help you to make international calls but the charges will be relatively high. So you can always expect to make the calls with the help of the international plans available from the VoIP.

Final Verdict

Well, I’ll be honest about this. The Obihai 200 was launched almost a year after the launch of the Obi 202. So you may think that the 200 is an upgraded version of the Obi 202 but it’s not like that.

Because of the clear specifications and the hardware support, I will rate the Obihai 202 to be a superior choice than the 200 models. In my post mentioned above, I’ve compiled everything from the capacity, to the support and also the features and then came up with my conclusion.

However, picking the right model of your choice may depend on the requirements that you have.