Netgear R6400 VS R6700: All-Inclusive Comparison [2022]

Netgear R6400 VS R6700

Netgear is a brand that has burgeoned out of the entire technology market to offer powerful wireless solutions. With advanced features, high-speed bandwidth options and connectivity, both the R6400 and the R6700 are great to choose.

There’s a lot of similarity between the models and thus, it’s always hard to differentiate between them. But if you undergo a deep technological review, you’ll get to see a lot of differences easily. That’s not all, these small features and some integration in technology may help you to pick the ideal one.

Since I’ve been using the R6700 for quite a while now, I had to borrow the R6400 from my cousin. Read below to know more about what I’ve come across and which one that I had liked the most.

1. Processor

The processor is always an important part of any router. Just like the importance of a chipset in a PC allows it to perform faster, the processor in a router does the same.

Moreover, it’s not just fast, but also responsible for delivering you routing for the traffic. It also blocks unwanted traffic. With so much of specification, this feature helps to stop the efficient delivery of the other features.

Coming to the performance of the processor, the faster you can get the better signal strength you will receive even after connecting to multiple devices. This makes the processor highly responsible for routing the traffic as well.

R6400 Router

Coming to the processor of the R6400, I found that it has an 800 MHz dual-core processor. In simple words, this is decent and will always help you to handle multiple connections. So when I tried to pull off 10 connections, the processor gave me complete support. However, the role of more than 10 connections is always a big doubt.

However, I feel that if you do not stream HD videos, you may be able to connect more devices on the go. The R6400 is not bad at all. Because of the processor, the router can manage 800 bits of information at a time.


Coming to the R6700, I felt that the processor was more robust. Specifically, it comes with a 1 GHz dual-core processor. So while comparing it with most of the devices, I felt that the performance of R6700 is far better. Because of the high-end processor, I could get complete support.

To test this feature, I tried to connect it with almost 14 devices and I could do it with ease. I streamed HD movies in all and thanks to my internet speed, it worked perfectly. The one thing that I liked about this model is that it can process 1 billion bits of information at a single time.

Winner: R6700

2. USB Port

Just like the hardware chipset, the USB port in a router is another specific hardware that marks its importance. We do a lot of work in our office or home and require internet printing or multiple other tasks. This is where the USB port comes to play. This port allows you to connect to a printer or any fax machine that requires internet activity to perform.

Apart from this, if you want to connect any external storage device with the router, you can do it easily with the help of the USB port. It is specifically prepared to give you complete support to allow you to access HDD data with the help of wireless support.

R6400 Netgear

This model turns out to be very handy when it comes to the usage of the USB port. I found that the R6400 includes two different USB ports present at the back panel. One of them is the USB 2.0 port while the other is 3.0 USB port. This allows you to connect to almost all other external devices like your television or even Printers.

Because of dual ports, you can always send and receive information on the go. It hardly takes up a few seconds to be ready. However, the other device must have a Netgear driver to allow the router to configure properly with this device.


On the other hand, the R6700 is not so advanced when it comes to USB sharing. It comes with only one USB port and this allows you to only connect to one device at a time. Unlike the R6400, it includes only one USB 3.0 port.

However, the port is fast and allows you to share the device with multiple other external gadgets. Since I have the R6700, I tried it with my printer to connect and then print out essential data and it just took me a few seconds to get underway.

Winner: R6400

3. WiFi Speed

The WiFi speed is all that we list out as the most important aspect when we go to work, stream movies at home or even do multiple other jobs. With proper WiFi speed, we can do it all and be in great comfort of finishing the job as fast as possible.

However, apart from the router speed the internet speed from your ISP also determines how fast you can stream content to your device.

Though both the devices come under the radar of AC1750, they are expected to give the same output. However, because of the difference in the chipset, there’s also a slight difference in the speed as well. I realized this while working with the R6400.


This router includes a dual-band of 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz. The speed of the 2.4 GHz channel is roughly around 450 Mbps. But because of the chipset, this band is set at default. So if you real high speed internet through this channel, you will always receive limited access to the speed.

To change the settings, you need to configure the device again and then allow the 5GHz channel to be your default. Here, you will be able to stream content at a much higher speed. It will give the processor access to perform much faster as well.


When it comes to reliable performance, the R6700 is one step ahead. Unlike the R6400, this router has the 5 GHz band channel set by default. It’s simply because the chipset is configured to handle high-speed internet activity. Thus, you can always expect to get a 1300 Mbps internet speed by default.

However, the most interesting part is that when it comes to over connectivity, the router can automatically engage both the bands allowing you to get much higher speed of 1750 Mbps. So here, it becomes much faster to connect and stream.

Winner: R6700

4. Parental Control

While working at home or office, we often feel to restrict some content available on the internet. Be it some adultery websites or age-restricted content; any parent will not want their children to surf through such. The situation is quite similar when it comes to the workplace.

Since, it becomes difficult to engage such settings from every device, having parental control in your router can be just the thing that you want. Luckily, both the R6400 and the R6700 come with such parental control options. However, there are some major differences when you try to work on the control interface.


While reviewing the product, I found that the R6400 comes with a distinctive parental control feature. For this, you need to go to the Netgear interface and then try to operate. However, for your concern, you can get access to filter all the web activity through connected devices.

The best part is that the Netgear interface allows you to look for the browsing history in all the devices including the ones that are operated through the incognito modes. So you can get access to view and then separately restrict the available content.


The option of having parental control for the R6700 is way different than all the other products available. While reviewing Netgear R6700, I found that the interface for this model has way more options than that of the R6400. With specific features like to pause device internet access, I could restrict any particular device through this.

Apart from this, it also allowed me to view the complete site history usage and also the option to filter the websites. But the one feature that has impressed me the most is the option of setting online time limits and device internet access. However, they are available for a paid version.

Winner: R6700

5. Security

If you are working with secure data on your device or the internet activity, it always becomes important that you keep it protected. If your router is not configured properly, it can easily be hacked and people may be able to access through the personal data. So it is always important that you keep the data secure.

This is where a custom URL comes to the rescue with multiple options. Comparing both the devices, it is secure to use any of them. But which one is better is the question. Since they all have multiple security layers, I had to compare them.


While reviewing the product, I found that this device is easy to set up and to configure through the Nighthawk application. To get better results, you can always try to opt for the Open VPN that is provided by the router management. This allows you to browse secure and be safe.

Apart from this, you can also get the option of having a custom URL. With the help of the Netgear DNS service, you can set up a custom URL to a different landing page that will allow you to keep the device protected for long.


The Netgear Router R6700 is neither lagging back like any other regular device. Infact, while comparing with the other models, I found that the levels of security and encryption are much higher than that of the R6400. While they use the same interface, you can get a Customized free URL. This will help you to set up a personal FTP server. So while you are creating a server for online games, the signal network always remains secure.

Moreover, you can take help of the Netgear Armor. This is advanced cyber threat protection that comes with the R6700. It allows you to protect all the devices while you are using internet service.

Winner: R6700

6. Pros and Cons



It is easy to install
It is user friendly
Provides stable network
Includes 2 USB ports
Comes with a great operation
Fast network performance


5GHz band is not so high



Easy maintenance
Includes advanced security
Has great combined speed
Includes parental Controls
Good coverage


Only one USB port

Similarities Between R64000 and R6700

Apart from the major differences, there are a lot of similarities present as well between the two models. Since they are both from the same series of routers, you can expect a lot of similarities in the design and other factors. Let’s loop out the similarities below so that we can get to know about the products available.

  1. Design

When you simply look at the routers, the first thing that you’ll feel is that both of them are quite identical to each other. They are both similar in the complete outlook. So if you just keep them side-by-side, very few people can distinguish between them.

Coming to the design, the product comes with a completely black finish to the body. This makes sure that the product has a great finish. However, this design seems to be quite similar to most of the other models.

Both the devices have similar sloppy edges and vent holes. So the design is somewhat appealing. Even if you use it for your office or your home, the design always looks attractive.

  1. Dual Band

Another impressive similarity between both these models is the option of having simultaneous dual-band features. Both of these routers are capable of working on two different bands at the same time. According to the AC wireless standards, they both use a combined speed of 1750 Mbps.

This is possible because the 2.4 GHz channel can provide a speed of 450 Mbps. Apart from this, the 5 GHz channel is also capable of delivering you with 1300 Mbps speed. Since both of them have dual-band modes, you can always expect a reliable speed. I tested this while watching videos and it seemed to be similar to both.

  1. Ethernet Ports

Another impressive similarity between the two devices is the availability of Ethernet ports. Apart from just connecting to multiple devices, the Ethernet ports allow you to connect to LAN cards on your PC or other devices. However, while checking the products, I found that both of them have 5 Ethernet ports each.

  1. Beamforming Technology

Another impressive similarity between both the routers is the mode of operation. While reviewing, I found that both of them use Beamforming technology to send and retrieve signals.

This feature works in spreading reliable signals at a distant spot. So if you are at your home or the office, you can always expect high signal strength to your portable devices. So, both of the routers are capable of covering a large area.

  1. External Antenna

Having an external antenna means that you can get an increasing signal strength in your house or office. Both of these models have 3 separate antennas available with them. Such hardware configuration not only amplifies the signal strength but also allows you to get more benefits.

The one thing that impressed me the most about both these modes is that these external antennas are detachable. So you can bring them out and can assemble at any time.

  1. Advanced QoS and Security

Coming to the security and the encryption, I’ve always felt secure. I had the R6700 Netgear and found that it has advanced QoS available with the product. This feature allowed me to set the bandwidth according to my requirements.

Looking, I found that the R6400 also had the same technology included. It allowed me to set the bandwidth to use with certain programs.

The Final Recount – Netgear R6700 VS R6400

Both the devices including the R6400 and the R6700 are hefty and come with a strong performance. However, they have a specific feature that allows you to buy either of them without a doubt.

If you are a professional and look for high-speed internet activity specifically for gaming, you can pick out the R6700 as your preferred choice.

On the other hand, if you are at home and office and want to connect to multiple devices while printing and using Fax, the R6400 will be good. Comparing the prices, the R6400 is fairly low than the other model.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can I plug this into my TV and then my Soundbar?

A1. Of course, you can, but since it does not have any USB you may not be able to use this process. However, if your TV and Soundbar support Bluetooth and Ethernet, you can do it with the help of this device. I have tried to configure my TV with Bluetooth and Ethernet connections. It just took me around 4-5 minutes to complete the entire setup.

Q2. Is there a button to turn off wireless radio signals?

A2. Radio signals can always be disturbing for you to stream the videos. I found it to be very disturbing. Luckily, I had noticed a front light display on both the devices about radio signals. All that you have to do is to press on the WiFi white light. This is specifically the button present before the last light to the right.

Q3. Can I use this for 3-floor apartments?

A3. I’ve used both the R6400 and R6700 in both the commercial place and also the apartment. Since I’ve used it in a space of 3000 square feet, both of the devices felt strong on the signal. So even if you use a 3-floor apartment and place the router on the bottom floor, it will work great. Still, I’ll suggest you install the product on the 1st floor to get better results.

Q4. How long will this router last?

A4. I’ll be honest about this, the Netgear R6700 that I have purchased has served me well throughout. Though it’s been just 3 months with the product, it gave me good speed and reliable connection. However, coming to the R6400, my cousin has been using it since May 2015. He purchased the router just when it was launched. It’s doing great so far.

Q5. Can this unit be wall mounted?

A5. Wall mounting both the R6400 and R6700 are never a problem. It’s mainly because both these devices have multiple options. However, you won’t be provided with screws to mount the device. For this, you need to purchase external screws. This will help you to fix the product on the wall. Still, I’ll suggest you keep the antennas upright. So placing it on a flat surface will be a better option.

Q6. Am I able to turn WiFi off at certain times?

A6. Of course, you can. If you are experiencing trouble at any time, you may use the On/Off button to discontinue the running WiFi. This button is present at the backside where all the Ethernet ports are located. Simply push the button to turn off the device. To resume the service again, you need to press on the same button. There’s also a reset button that you can use if there is a disturbance.

Q7. Is this easy to configure for a Mac?

A7. Of course, it is. Even I use a MacBook Pro to do my job. If you want to configure using a Mac simply open up a local browser and then go to the login admin panel. Just put in the configuration details and your device will be ready to use. It just took me a few minutes to complete the setup. You can also check this link for more assistance.

Final Verdicts

Well, I’ll be honest about my complete review of the Netgear R6400 vs R6700. I’ve come through a detailed review of both the products even after using them for 3 months. Because of certain features and specifications, I’ll rate the R6700 to be slightly higher than the R6400.

To know the reason why I’ve picked it, you can just follow up to find out the key differences between them. If you still have different requirements, then you can pick any other models available in the market.

You can take the help of this post above to compare the product. Dropdown your pick in the below comments and let me know why you had picked it.