75+ Exciting Military and Veteran Discounts in 2022 [A Crisp Guide]

Almost every Military family has to go through a roller coaster ride of emotions as well as financially. However, small efforts from us and the Government can make their day beautiful. Being a part of the Military family is never easy and there are many hardships that they have to go through. However, to reduce the hardships marginally, there are discounts offered for military families in financial resources. If you belong from such an honorable family, this guide will help you to know all about the Discounts and Financial Resources for Military Families and how you can claim it. To know more, just follow up on this guide and you will get information about discounts for spouse, children, and dependents and families.

This Guide is Broken into 6 Sections

Organisations to Get Discounts

Assistance for Military Spouse

Discounts for Children and Dependents

Military Discounts for Parents

Recreation and Vacation Discounts

How to Take Command of Military Discounts?

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Amazing Discounts

Organisations and Resources to Get Discounts for Military Families​

Before you try to get discounts and offers for the Military Families, you need to know about the organizations and the resources. There are several organizations and also resources available all around the country that offer discounts. But if you do not have much knowledge about them you may not get much help. You must collect the contact details of the assistance and then you can simply take the help of the support groups available. Without this, you may feel lost and not be able to claim the discounts. However, below is the list of the mentioned discount sources.

1. OneSource

OneSource is one of the most recommended places for military discounts where you can easily avail more. It is officially the Government’s official resource for the military spouses as well as families. Moreover, it also includes materials like deployment, relocation as well as finances. Moreover, the biggest advantage of using the resource is that you can get 24/7 confidential support and counseling. This will help you to get a lot of information on how to get discounts.


When it comes to looking for the resources, the NMFA is one of the longest-running organizations to use. The NMFA includes several resources where you can find the national sponsors for several programs. Apart from this, you can get a lot of information on the family retreats as well as caregiver support. So once you are in the NMFA, you can easily get several pieces of information to choose from.

3. Operation Homefront

If you are looking for a Non-profit organization, Operation Homefront is one of the top resources for your needs. The website offers several types of financial offers and discounts. Most of them are related to the homes, the holiday drives as well as the transitional homes. You can get several pieces of information mentioned here. Operation Homefront is ideally one of the longest-serving sites here.

4. Tutor.com

If you are looking for online tutoring help, then Tutor.com is the best option for you. The website has all solutions for online tutoring and also homework help. It is specially designed for the military members that you can find out the results. This includes every member of the military families including children, spouses and also some relatives. You just have to register accordingly to the available sources.

5. Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families is one of the ideal places to go if you are looking for resources on career coaching or for movie tickets. Blue Star Families is a community where you can get offers and discounts for several ways. All that you need to do is to sign up and then find a mentor. You can ask for help from the mentor who will help you to get the type of help you need.

6. Focused Projects

Focused Projects are a unique place for military families to get offers. The website is specifically designed to offer you courses in resilience as well as coping training. Such courses help to grow mental health and also the proper support in a variety of ways.

7. Operation Code

Operation Code is another place where you can get many discounts and resources for military veterans. It is also a place where family members and associates can get several benefits for a new career path. It has specialized courses for learning programs for software development, coding and much more.


Assistance for Military Spouse

Not only the Government but some several organizations and resources offer assistance for the military spouse without any delay. The wives, partners and even the spouse of the military personnel may also get benefited because of such programs. Some advantages and discounts are offered including business funds, scholarships as well as remote jobs. Here are some of them:


NMFA is one of the top resources for partners when it comes to offering discounts and scholarships. The association provides financial resources like scholarships and other offers that are just above $2500 and also small business funding.


Another name in the list of resources is the US SBA. It offers business support to the partners of military personnel. This allows you to get proper support for the financial resources if you are hoping to start a business.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a great resource tool for you if you are looking for job opportunities. It is a fine job search tool that you can look for if you want more job searches. The website allows you to get proper job options available for the military spouse.

4. MyCAA

If you are looking for a scholarship program, the MyCAA is a great place for you to get the search. The MyCAA is a government-backed program that offers you scholarships for tuition assistance for a portable career. It is associated with STEM degrees and certification.


If you are looking for the proper resources in your career-related queries, STEM is a proper place. The STEM is a community where you can get more job opportunities when it comes to your regular use.

6. MilSpouseFest

The MilSpouseFest is a unique and beneficial place for you to get multiple benefits. The MilSpouseFest is a directory where you can get information and discounts on the festivities around you. This website is specifically built for the military spouse to get attractive discounts on festivities.


Discounts for Dependants and Children

When it comes to the Dependants and Children, there are just like several benefits that you can get similar to spouse and relatives. When it comes to the military children, they have several struggles followed with minimal privileges. However, getting access to the educational tools, benefits, and discounts of tutoring and even attaining multiple other offers and places where you can get many discounts for the military children. Here is a list mentioned below that you can look for.

1. DoDEA

The DoDEA is a part of the US Department of Defence and has come up with multiple options for military children. One of their most prominent offers is to provide local education to the children. Moreover, they have specialized programs that offer growth and transition of the children to ultimate success.

2. Military Kids Connect

Another fine platform for the children is to use the Military Kids Connect. It is specified networking access to the military kids. The site allows the military kids to get connected. Thus it may feature boards, interactive games, and other benefits to get better results.

3. United Through Reading

One of the most prominent applications for the kids in the United through Reading. It is a simple platform, but it has a great significance for the children who are willing to get more educated. The program involves members and their families to take part in education together.

4. Our Military Kids

If you are looking for an NPO that offers proper courses for the military kids, the Our Military Kids is a reliable source. The platform allows the students to get more engaged in curriculum activities like sports, arts and tutoring programs. It is specifically meant for the 5-12 standard kids.

5. Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is one of the primary resources when it comes to protecting the children from paying high wages for their studies. The Child Care Aware offers the children with reduced fee structures and offers them educationally. It is a great option for military students.

6. Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading technology giants all over the world and it offers great future options for the military personnel. The military children, who are above 18 and struggling to find jobs, may find a great option to apply for. Amazon offers job opportunities for the students and the children who are above 18.

7. Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront gives several advantages to the students who are studying currently. This includes a scholarship program under which they can get a laptop and $10000 for their educational uses. Apart from this, several sources offer free books and toys for the students.


Can Parents Get Military Discounts?

When it comes to Military Discounts for the parents, the numbers of services are very limited. In such a case, the parents are not eligible for Tricare. However, there are still some programs and discounts that make the parents eligible for the Tricare Plus discounts.

Financial Concerns

There can be many terms of financial concerns for the people who are on the verge of using it for healthcare purposes. However, when it comes to a military family, treating a spouse with PTSD and brain injury can get difficult for you. However, there is always a benefit with the financial concerns over the military families. There are a handful of insurance as well as financing options available for the users to get good benefits for the treatment. Such options allow you to even draw money in times of stress. Below is the list of the available financial help that you can use in terms of emergency assistance. 


USAA is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to wealth management and banking. The governing body of the USAA has special offers for military families as well as veterans. They offer you several options from the auto loans to the mortgages.

2. First Command

The First Command is another reliable banking solution when you need financial planning. The main job role of the First Command is to provide financial planning as well as loans and investments for the military family members. It is one of the oldest institutions where you can get help.

3. Armed Forces Insurance

The Armed Forces Insurance or the AFI is a great place to get veteran insurance for the family needs. The AFI has been a reliable provider of loans and insurance options from 1887 proving to be a great opportunity. 

4. Tricare

Tricare is the official organization for health insurance. It especially serves the US military and allows you to get several benefits. You can find plenty of insurance covers along with the different planning.

5. Army Emergency Relief

The Army Emergency Relief is governed by the US Army itself and has several benefits to offer. The governing body allows you to get instant loans in case of any medical emergency. However, they are all interest-free and thus the sanctioned amount is limited.


Discounts for Military Families

Discounts for Military Families

When it comes to Military Families, there are always several opportunities present for a variety of situations. It includes a list of options like shopping, going for vacations, and even getting groceries. Apart from this, there are a handful of agencies including both Government and Private organizations that offer such discounts to the military families. Below, we have mentioned the list of discounts available according to the various situations.

Recreation and Vacation

Most of the military personnel get hardly any time off with their families. To honor their days of enjoyment, there are several locations and also agencies that offer some military discounts. If your loved one is just willing to spend some time out within the country, there are several options to choose from. You can get a handful of options from the museums, national parks, recreation centers and much more that will offer you discounts on tickets. However, you can previously get to know about the tickets from the USO or from the website of the place that you want to visit. 

1. Blue Star Museums – Blue Star Museums is one of the most renowned museums present in the country. Moreover, the museum offers theatres and books to read through. The Blue Star offers complimentary entry to the military family. You can get easy access to books.

2. National Park Pass – The National Park Pass has been launched by the US Government where the person can easily visit the national parks. With the help of this pass, the military family can enjoy free annual access to the national parks in the country.

3. Commissary – The Commissary is a grocery store pass that you can think about. The organization has a special network for the military families that provides groceries at special rates. Moreover, you can also get the benefits of the rewards program.

4. Army MWR – The Army MWR stands for the Morale, Welfare as well as the Recreations. The military families can get special tickets for the recreation centers including sports, vacations as well as outdoor recreations.

5. ITT – Getting a discount on travel is probably the most beneficial way to get the best out of the offers. The troops can always get special discounts for leisure travel and vacation packages. Moreover, you can also book military lodgings for special prices.

6. Camaraderie Foundation – The Camaraderie Foundation offers are specially meant for the returning soldiers. The organization offers special packages in honor of the military personnel to get you free family fun days. It is based around Orlando, Florida.

7. USO – USO offers several discounts for the military personnel for travel purposes. It is especially dedicated to International travels including entertainment as well as programs for staying connected. This is connected with a massive network.

8. USAA – The USAA is another platform where you can get several options to travel with. If you have insurance with the USAA, you can get several deals with the help of the company. The company provides specified travel deals for the entire family.

9. AFV Club – Just like the other travel deals that you can get, the AFV Club is also a dedicated organization for the US Army. They offer cheap week-long vacation deals to enjoy with your family. However, the offers are limited to eligible members of the US army.

10. Military Cruise Deals – If you are passionate about traveling with a cruise for a week long vacation, this is the deal for you. The Military Cruise Deals offers specialized deals only for the military family to enjoy and find discounted travels. There is no eligibility required.

Hotel and Flight

  1. The United.com platform is a great way to get discounts on hotels. You can get 5% discount options with the united portal.
  2. Expedia is another leading platform. Here, you can get great deals of discounts with the help of the Gold Status.
  3. Motel 6 is a leading portal to find your holiday stays. It has a special 10% discount for the military personnel to get a hotel booked.
  4. Super 8 is a massive hotel chain throughout the entire country. In honor of the military personnel, it offers a discount of 15% minimum.
  5. If you are looking for a family-based hotel to stay on, the Hilton Honors may come to be very handy for you. It offers a 10% discount on the normal rates for bookings.
  6. Allegiant has a lot of offers when military members check-in for a flight. You can get three checked bags and even a free carry-on. There are also other benefits.
  7. American Airlines is another platform to travel with your entire family. You can get a massive 50% discount to travel with your pets on the flight.
  8. If there are any Space-Available Flights from your destination, any military personnel can travel for free. However, this is limited to only the personnel.


  1. Bates Footwear has offered a special discount for the members. It can offer you a 47% off on the shoes.
  2. Carhartt is another leading store where you can find a great discount. You can get 10% off.
  3. If you are looking to shop for family members, Wilsons Leather can be an ideal place for you. It has offers 10% when you buy something for a spouse.
  4. If you are an NBA fan, the sport has an offer for you. You can buy merchandise for a 15% discount on the NBA Store.
  5. NASCAR Shop is another great brand that offers a discount. You can get 10% off from the entire bill while shopping.


  1. If you are a new member of Costco, you can get a massive discount. The offers are around $60 off for the first purchase.
  2. Thrive Market is another special place to get your hands on the discounts. You can get a free membership from the retail store.
  3. If you are looking for groceries home delivery, Sam’s Club can be a great option. The store offers you a $10 gift card.
  4. Pure Formulas is another retail store where you can get several discounts. You can find 10% discounts on vitamins and supplements.
  5. If you need anything for your newly born child or kids, Enfamil is the best place for you. Here, you can get a 15% discount.

Computer, Electronic, Gaming Discounts

1. Apple – Apple is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to manufacturing electronics and mobile devices. To honor the military members, Apple has launched the Veterans and Military store where you can find attractive discounts. You can even get discounts of 10% on any purchase of the Apple products and the accessories.

2. Audio Geeks – Audio Geeks is an interesting platform for you if you have the requirement for musical accessories. The Audio Geeks store has specialized offers for the military personnel where present and veteran members can receive a 15% discount. You just have to apply coupon code ‘USMIL15’.

3. Best Buy – Best Buy is an online portal that offers several discounts on electronic items. The discounts are available at specific locations for the military personnel and offer every member to avail of them. You can even compare and buy from Best Buy to get a 10% discount on the products.

4. Crutchfield – Crutchfield is a specified website that offers you speakers and audio accessories to choose from. The retail store offers you several discounts for military personnel. You can get $24 off on any purchase above $250. You need to have a TroopID to avail of this discount.

5. Dell – Dell is one of the world leaders when it comes to PC manufacturing. The manufacturer has special rewards for the military personnel that they can avail of in Dell’s premier selection. However, all the computers have inbuilt webcams to stay connected with the family.

6. Game Stop – Another platform for the game lovers is the Game Stop. It is a database where you can purchase new video games being launched. Every military personnel can receive a specified 10% discount on the games. You can also avail this offer from both the online and offline stores.

7. Hewlett Packard – Just like the leaders of computer manufacturers, Hewlett Packard is also another renowned brand. The company offers a military discount program. Here, the members can get a discount of 35% on computers.

8. Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 is a very handy software tool that can be used in many formal requirements. If you have a requirement, you can always try to get Microsoft 365 with a 10 % discount to the military.

9. My Nerds – My Nerds is a specialized service agency that provides services to your PC. They offer you $20 off for any remote PC service to get the repair done.

Wireless & Internet Discounts

1. AT&T Wireless – AT&T is one of the world leaders when it comes to providing internet services throughout the country. AT&T offers a wide range of discounts for the military families as well as the reserves, the spouses and the veterans. You can get an attractive discount of 25% on mobile phone services. For this, you simply have to provide identification in any AT&T store. Here is an in-depth review of best router for ATT Uverse. Check it out!

2. Sprint – Sprint is another leading network service provider all across the country. Just like AT&T, Sprint also honors the services of the military members. Moreover, Sprint has different offers available for the family, active and veteran military members. You can get 50% off on the monthly bill. Apart from this, there are several add-on benefits for multiple connections.

3. T-Mobile – T-Mobile has a simple and effective discount for military members. They offer a 0z% discount when it comes to the military offers. Apart from this, T-Mobile offers a wide range of plans and selections from where you can easily pick out a discount. You can even get $35 per line off upto 4 lines when you opt for the premium plan on offer.

4. Verizon Fios – There are several discounts on offer from Verizon Fios for the military members. You can get a range of attractive discounts even for new and existing customers. Verizon Fios offers $110 off for both the Internet and TV landline in case of triple Play. If you have Double Pay, you can even get $5 off the internet connection without any delay. We have reviewed best router for verizon fios. Do give article a read. 

5. Verizon Wireless – Verizon Wireless has special offers for both the active-duty military and for the Federal Government members. The employees can always get 15% discounts on the monthly plans. Apart from this, they also offer discounts on accessories. You can get 25% off for showing the ID card. 

Health & Fitness

1. 24 Hour Fitness – All military personnel may require active fitness sessions to support their hard work. The 24 Hour Fitness has come up with a 3-day gym pass program for free. Apart from this, they are also eligible for $5 monthly fees with no initial payment at all. You just have to sign-up for the basic memberships with valid ID proof.

2. Atera Spas – Atera Spas is one of the leading chains of spas and wellness centers. They offer you military discounts for participating in any of the stores. You need to be present with a valid ID at any Atera Spa location.

3. Atkins – If you are a fitness freak and looking for supplements, Atkins is the right place for you. The website genuinely offers a wide range of discounts on the bars and shakes to stay active. You can get a 115% discount on the select range of products.

4. Beachbody – Beachbody is a coaching and training program that helps people to train to stay fit. Beachbody has specialized programs for veterans when it comes to military discounts. You can get an offer upto 25% when you apply for the training.

5. Best Price Nutrition – Best Price Nutrition is a great place when you are looking to purchase supplements. The store has a large variety of nutritional shakes and supplements for you to choose from. You can get an instant 5% off. For this, you need to use the code MILITARY5OFF at the checkout.

6. Bodybuilding.com – When you are looking to build your body, this is the place for you. Bodybuilding.com has a wide range of supplements, gears, and accessories that help you to train hard and build your body. You can get a 10% discount for any product. All that you need to do is to enter the promo code as IDME10BB.


5 Ways to Take Command of Military Discounts

There is a wide number of discounts available for military personnel when you opt to try and buy something. However, if you are not guided properly, you may not even know how you can save up the money. Taking command over the Military Discounts is not a difficult job in hand and you can save up a lot of money every time you shop or visit a place or even apply for loans. But if you are getting a thought over how you can save more, below are the 5 Ways to Take Command of Military Discounts that will surely help you to get a proper result at any time.

1. Research

Before you can opt to avail of any Military Discounts, the first thing that you need to do is to research. There are several websites offering discounts on similar products. So without proper research, you may always miss out on the best deal. Try to look at and compare products on different websites that will avail you more offers. So now you can easily choose the product that has the highest Military Discounts available for your product.

2. Always Ask

We all know that most of the stores offer proper Military Discounts. But the type of discounts that you can get always depends on the store. There may be different types of an offer for the active person and then the veteran. In such cases, the range of discounts may also change. So you need to be very sure before you end up buying and then not being able to avail of the discount. Look for the customer helpline or the consumer desk in any store to get your doubts cleared.

3. Bring the proof

If you are looking for a valid Military Discount, you will always have to carry the proof. Make sure that you are carrying the ID card or a copy of the identification that is required by the store. Some stores offer instant online verification because it may lead to availing the discount instantly. In case your partner is a military member, make sure that you carry your documents as well. This will help you to answer the questions asked by the people to verify your status.

4. You can get exceptions

Exceptions are the key to attract people to purchase a product. If you want to crack more on Military Discounts, you must wait for the right time. For example, if a store offers a particular 10% deal on a product, you may wait for a while. In the case of exceptions and flash sales, the discount may rise even upto 20% or more. This will help you to save up a lot of money when you need the most. However, if you have an emergency purchase, you can settle for the deal.

5. Get a good budget

Having good discounts can always increase your monthly budget as per your needs. You can even keep a track of the discounts that you have made with the military status and it will help you to put more on your savings. Having proper plans to purchase always increases your budget in many ways.



The discounts for Military families are not restricted and almost every sector offers multiple benefits for them. There are several opportunities that military personnel can provide for their family. However, to claim them, you need to take the help of a proper guide. We hope that this article on the Discounts and Financial Resources for Military Families will surely get benefitted and will be able to avail of the different discounts that are on offer. Apart from this guide, you can also get a number of places where you can get discounts. Do let us know if you find any other sectors of financial discounts for military families.