COVID-19: In Charts and Maps – Virus that Shook the World [Infographic]

covid-19 statistics

Ever since there has been a pandemic, the world has seen fear and terror. Now, the total world is at a complete shutdown- a scenario that nobody would have imagined a few months back. If you’ve come across Ebola, Swine Flu, SARS and other pandemics, the statistics for COVID-19 will give you an utter shock of disbelief. For now, we don’t even know when it will end!

Most of the businesses and works are closed now. The Global economy has not reached a record bottom. So it’s high time that you understand the situation and do not breach the lockdown. Coming to the origin, most of the research has shown that the deadly virus. Some of the sources say that it’s been accidentally leaked by an intern at the Wuhan Lab of Virology while some sources say that it has originated from a wet market in Wuhan.


As of now, the WHO has come up with conclusive evidence that COVID-19 is a global threat. Though it has been seen that the virus is not air-borne, human-to-human transmission is happening rapidly. However, people with cardiovascular diseases and other severe diseases are more vulnerable to the versatile attack. The numbers are rapidly increasing to 2263056.

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But it’s not only about the people being infected. The rate of recovery always remains under a big question as more than 199 countries all over the world are being affected. On this date, more than 154828 people from all over the world. Today, the USA has recorded the most deaths with 37175 followed by Italy at 22754 and then Spain with 20002 deaths. We hope that praying to god and keeping trust in the doctors and nurses will help, but the numbers are scary.

These stats are increasing every day and it is creating panic everywhere. Till today, the world is short of testing kits and also PPE equipment. Until the medication vaccines are completely available, the virus remains a threat to the whole world. We hope to keep fighting and then put an end to the virus.

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