How To Watch Analog TV Without Converter Box?

Analog TVs were in use till 2009 when modern televisions started to replace them. These televisions worked on Analog signals for the transmission of Audio and Video. However, modern televisions use digital signals which are much more advanced than Analog signals. This led to a decline in demand for Analog televisions. But still, there are … Read more

How To Record TV Shows From Antenna?

If you landed on this page, then you must have a query about how to record TV shows from an antenna? Well, if you ask any cable user he will say how easy it is actually to record any show on his TV. But, that’s certainly not your case as you are an Over-the-Air TV … Read more

How to Get Recordings Off DVR?

Are you searching for a solution for how to get recordings off DVR? Many people like to record their favorite movies & shows on their DVR to watch later. However, after some time the hard disc gets filled up and there is no more storage left for further recordings.  The only way to solve this … Read more

How to Make Television Antenna?

Televisions have changed drastically over the period of time but the one thing which is still the same is the Antenna. As the days have gone by, the size of the devices has become smaller and more portable but even, in this case, no big change is seen in an Antenna. The problems faced by … Read more

How to Fix My TV When it Says No Signal?

Many times due to bad weather mostly our television shows NO Signal Sign. This is because rays from the satellite face difficulty in reaching our receivers due to cloudy weather.  In such cases, it is very normal for your television to show a No Signal message. All you need to do is wait for the … Read more

How to connect wifi to television?

In this digital era where people are connected to the Internet 24/7, connecting wifi to television becomes a necessity. Not just because you will be able to surf the internet and watch internet content on your television but also because it makes your TV watching experience much more advanced. There are already smart TVs on … Read more

How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal?

Are you one of those guys who face regular problems with his Tv Antenna? Well, Tv Antennas have been around humans for quite a while, and yet most of its users have not figured out its technicalities. It is a very precise device and should be placed at the perfect spot and in a precise … Read more

How to Connect Dish Network to New TV?

Technology is a thing that needs to be updated constantly. Televisions are no exceptions. Most of us keep buying a new television whenever there is a big technological update in the market. Hence, it becomes a problem for us to connect the dish network to our new tv. Because, with the change of technology, the … Read more

How to boost indoor TV antenna signal?

Indoor antennas are losing popularity day by day because of this one misconception that they receive less signal than outdoor antennas because they are placed indoors. This is not completely true, however. Indoor antennas can give the same level of performance.  It’s just that you need to set it up properly which is also the … Read more

How to Aim Tv Antenna?

TV Antennas are very delicate in their operation. They need to be aimed at the perfect direction for the best output otherwise even a cm misplacement can cause signal disturbances in your television. And aiming the antenna in the right direction for most signal input is not an easy task. Many people struggle with this … Read more