🥇Researching the Best Gigabit Switch Reviews for Ultra-Fast Internet Speed? [2022]

best gigabit switch

Let’s be honest, a poor Wi-Fi connection can fluster all of us a bit. Be it uploading files, streaming music or watching a movie as a Friday night ritual, the slow internet speed can create hassles and frustrate the best of us.

Fortunately, the market for wireless technology has expanded to meet evolving user needs. There exists a variety of internet-enabled devices that allow multiple device connectivity.

In this review, we aim to cover Gigabit Switches in entirety and help you find out the best models available in the market right now.

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When it comes to the best Gigabit Switches in the market, NETGEAR GS108 tops the chart. This Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch is a perfect fit for the daily work and household needs and comes handy while splitting a single connection between multiple devices.

NETGEAR GS108 is used as an internet splitter to connect a modem or a router with other additional wired connections. Be it a desktop, printer or console, this switch makes the connection seamless.

This is an 8 switch port, providing an uninterrupted bandwidth connection and is super-efficient to use. The plug-and-play set up eliminates the need for any software configuration.

What’s more, NETGEAR GS108 is fan-less and works without creating noise, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Powered by ProSafe, this switch also promises durability and secure connectivity.

Additionally, the optimized power usage and low-cost operation make NETGEAR GS108 an ideal, energy-efficient ethernet mode choice. 


Powered GS108-400NAS ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Switch
Infrared wireless
12 voltage of power
Has flexible mounting choices
Lifetime Warranty


Smart port LEDS to ignite power stations, speed, and active links.
Hassle-free set up
Supports up to 9KB effortlessly
Auto uplink function
Lightweight, noise-free, and installable with an easy plug-and-play approach


No limitations on the use of power consumed by the end devices
Security is decent but not up to the standards


The NETGEAR GS308 8-Port Gigabit is an excellent choice to manage home and business networks. This effortless plug-and-play solution connects the devices of your choice with networks and smartly manages the network.

Plus, it’s flexible in working, offering you the freedom to configure, monitor, and secure your networks and devices efficiently. On the design front, the NETGEAR GS308 has an elegant build and doesn’t have a fan. It’s energy-efficient, super-compact, and has an easy wall mount option. Its competitive price happens to be another perk.


8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
1.41 pounds in weight
LED port monitoring


1000 MB of data transfer each second
Compact and efficient
Automatic MDI/MDIX function, zero crossover
Plug-and-play setup


Bright LEDs can lead to eye irritation
Less durable

3. TP-Link TL-SG105

The TP-Link TL-SG105 is a trusted name when it comes to the best gigabit switches. The device needs no prior configuration to get started and is super easy to install. Moreover, it ensures secure connectivity to the router and wired devices. This 5-port gigabit switch supports 5-1000 Mbps high-speed data transfer, and the network capacity can be seamlessly expanded.

Speaking of the architecture, we are impressed by the sturdy metal case that keeps the circuit safe from external damage, and the fan-less design that comes with an operating temperature of 0-40 degrees Celsius and ensures noise-free operation. Not to mention, the maximum heat dissipation is 8.0 BTU/h.


5-port switch
Heat dissipation and traffic optimization capabilities
Operating temperature between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius
84% of power savings ensured


Network monitoring feature to inspect traffic
QoS enhancement
Multimedia traffic optimization
Prioritization of traffic
Lightweight and easy to set up


Difficult to configure

4. D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Switch

Are you looking for a reliable and energy-efficient gigabit switch?

If yes, the D-Link 8-Port Ethernet switch is a good bet. The device is an ideal choice for home and office use, especially when you want great storage and excellent gaming experience.

As far as setting up the switch is concerned, the whole process is super easy and requires zero configurations. What’s more, the D-Link Ethernet switch offers QoS support and clears VoIP. Since it’s powered by green technology, it conserves energy when the device isn’t in use and saves you money. 


8-port switch
Green ethernet technology Lightweight
ipv6-ready for reliable connectivity


Perfect for storage and gaming experience
Switching capacity of 16 GB each second
QoS offers Clean VoIP and seamless online gaming
Maximum frame support up to 9 KB


Shorter lifespan

5. Linksys 8-Port Gigabit Switch

The Linksys 8-Port gigabit switch is a robust device, supporting complete duplex IEEE 80.3x flow control. This intelligent port controls the broadcasting and comes with auto MDI/MDI-X cable detection.

The attractive metal construction of Linksys 8- Port Gigabit Switch makes it a durable choice, and it can be wall-mounted and also be used as a desktop. It offers high-speed data transfer and ensures zero port congestion.

The Linksys 8-Port gigabit switch is free from the heat of line blocking and enhances power-saving by identifying unused ports. The QoS supports video and audio applications and promotes excellent streaming as well. 


1.2 pounds in weight
Full-duplex IEEE 802.3x flow control
8-1000Mbps speed
Automatic MDI/MDIX cable detection
Smart power saving


Easy plug-and-play zero-configuration setup
Broadcast rate regulation
Congestion detection
Robust all-metal construction
Neat front designing


Low durability

What is a Gigabit Switch?

A Gigabit Switch is a handy piece of technology for people looking to get super-fast internet speeds. The Gigabit Ethernet Switch allows users to connect multiple devices such as television, computers, and servers to a Local Area Network (LAN). It can connect 4K HDTVs and DVRs directly to the internet without relying on Wi-Fi.

This way, the device expands the connectivity via extra ports to offer agile internet speeds and a better frame rate. Over the years, the gigabit Ethernet switches have built a sizable user base. Apart from high-speed internet and other benefits, its competitive cost has been a crucial factor, leading to success.

Types of Gigabit Switches

Gigabit Switches vary considerably in terms of features. Depending on the place of use and the number of devices one needs to connect, the right choice has to be made. If you wish to use one at home, an 8-port gigabit switch is more than enough.

However, if you need to connect a lot of devices in a small or medium-sized setting, you can opt for the 16-port gigabit switch or the 24-port one. On the contrary, the basic fiber optic gigabit switch is the best choice for people looking for high performance and a more efficient network.

Below, we have explained the various types of gigabit switches available.

1. Unmanaged Switches

An unmanaged switch is a go-to option for those looking to use one in a small setting such as a home or a small firm. It’s easy to set up but doesn’t allow for user configuration, which means that it has default settings.

Excluding that, an unmanaged gigabit switch is a good option for small-scale requirements where there is no extreme internet usage, and the number of devices is relatively less as well.

2. Managed Switches

The biggest advantage of a managed switch, giving it an edge over an unmanaged switch, is its flexible configuration. Users can fine-tune to enhance its functionality on multiple networks.

However, every rose has its thorn, and with great power comes a greater price. The managed switch is more expensive than the unmanaged switch, but considering its vast adaptability to a range of networks, the price does the justice.

Using a managed switch, you can monitor traffic and network functioning, adjust network speed settings, and report network activity among more. So, it’s safe to say that a managed Ethernet switch is worth a shot and outsmarts an unmanaged switch.

3. PoE Switches

A Power over Ethernet switch, abbreviated as a PoE switch, is a gigabit Ethernet switch that handles a massive amount of data flows over the Ethernet cable and helps simplify the cable process by eliminating the need for multiple cables at a time.

Simply connect the device to the network switch as normal and experience great connectivity. It’s indeed a good choice for medium-sized or large houses or firms.

4. Stackable Switches

A stackable gigabit Ethernet switch is a great fir for large-scale requirements. It’s especially useful in settings where there are a lot of devices connected at the same time.

How a stackable switch differs from the rest of the gigabit switches is in the fact that it can be configured to operate with more than one network switches, which is why the stackable switch can automatically reroute in case of any port or cable failure.

Gigabit Switch VS. Ethernet Switch

Both a Gigabit Switch and an Ethernet Switch are a variation of the Ethernet Standard. These are nearly identical but have a few very distinct differences. To begin with, the bandwidth provided by the Gigabit Switch is greater than that of the Ethernet Switch.

While the former can go up to 1000 Mbps, the latter can only reach up to 100 Mbps. Another difference is based on extensibility. While a Gigabit Switch can be introduced to an Ethernet Switch as an extension, doing the vice-versa can slow down the rate of data transfers.

Gigabit Switch VS. Routers

The most basic explanation is that a Gigabit Switch connects multiple devices within a particular network whereas a Router connects one network to the other. Secondly, a switch has multiple ports to connect various devices at the same time.

On the contrary, a router has only two ports (one that connects to the LAN and the other that connects to the WAN). Lastly, the switch doesn’t offer in-built network protection, but the router often has the hardware-based firewall protection that can be configured to ensure optimal connectivity.

Buying Guide

Buying a gigabit switch can be a tedious task when you don’t have any clue about where to start. Different aspects need to be considered while buying the gigabit switches. So, here are the top seven considerations you should make before investing. Take a look.

1. Ports Count

This is the biggest consideration of all. The number of ports will determine how many devices can have internet connectivity. Also, you must always consider your future requirements. You might have a desktop now, but you could own a laptop or a console a few years later.

So, choose a switch that covers your future needs. A good gigabit switch makes life hassle-free since they give the flexibility to connect six to nine devices to the internet simultaneously. It’s best to opt for a switch that has the maximum ports.

2. Managed and Unmanaged

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use switch that doesn’t have manageability issues, it’s best to go for the unmanaged switches. On the other hand, if you’re an old hand at networking and want to control every device you own, you should opt for a managed switch.

3. Speed

This is something you closely look into since the entire agenda of buying a gigabit device is boosting the internet speed. Go for a high-end gigabit switch if you’re a gamer, need blazing-fast connectivity, and can’t afford lags while you’re swinging for the prize.

Make the same choice if you have a thing for music streaming and watching movies. However, if your needs are limited, and you’re looking for a gigabit switch for your home, you can cut down on your speed requirements a little and buy a switch of decent functionality.

You can check these cool ethernet cables for streaming and Xbox One.

4. Features

Like every other purchase, it’s mandatory to check all the features before you spend money on a gigabit switch. The efficiency and performance of a gigabit switch are directly proportional to the kind of features it has. Do a little research, look for the features that meet your needs, and ensures optimal performance and fast speed.

5. Cost

Price is always an important deciding factor. The market is flooded with a variety of gigabit switches, across various price ranges. Their prices differ depending on the speed, the number of ports, and the connectivity range they have. Choose the one that fits right into your budget and provides value for money.

6. Switching Capacity

Before making a choice, you must double-check the switching capacity—the exact amount of bandwidth that circulates through the entire network. When the switching capacity is high, you can expect fast speed, and the connection between devices is smooth and efficient.

7. Power Efficiency

Look for a gigabit switch that can efficiently manage the power distribution and help you save huge on your electricity bills.

Important FAQs – Best Gigabit Switches

Q1. Will buying a gigabit switch make a difference?

A1. A gigabit switch allows network sharing to ensure internet connectivity for many devices via a cable. Wired connections are always considered as reliable in comparison to Wi-Fi connections, and the experience is glitch-free.

Q2. Do I need a gigabit switch?

A2. A gigabit switch is an excellent choice for home as well as office use. A good switch can optimize the use of the network without affecting speed and connectivity. Moreover, it’s safe and secure as compared to Wi-Fi.

Q3. What is the best Ethernet switch for gaming?

A3. Gigabit switches that have been mentioned above are excellent for gaming enthusiasts. The real-time application performs well via Gigabit switches. The TP-Link TL-SG105 is a great choice for an uninterrupted network.

Q4. Managed VS. Unmanaged Switches: Which is better?

A4. Managed switches are better for first time users, and they establish better control over the network. The movement of data is fast as well. If you’re an expert in networking, opt for unmanaged switches. Using one, you can communicate with a connected device in the basic form.

Best Gigabit Switches 2021 – Final Words

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a stickler for good music or someone who needs expensive internet connectivity, buying a gigabit switch will be your best decision ever.

The gigabit switches we have mentioned in the list are best-of-breed and bring agility to the power of the internet. If you’ve any recommendations to make that can improve our list, drop a line in the comment section below. We will try to be as responsive as we can.