5 Best Ethernet Switch for Gaming Reviews and Buying Guide [2022 Updated]

Best Ethernet Switch For Gaming

Do you remember when some computer gurus thought a few decades ago that the Internet would not reach homes? And today, we not only have several Internet connections in our homes (WiFi, Mobile data, …), but we also use Ethernet LAN networks to connect various devices within the house or office.

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This type of network allows you to connect multiple nodes that create an internal network so that resources can be shared between different computers, or they can all be connected to the Internet through a single connection to a large WAN.

If we are using a network with WiFi, we can connect various devices in the coverage area without using wiring. But, when we are using a wired network, either because we do not want to have WiFi or we simply want to keep the network more stable or go where WiFi could not go, we need cable.

If we only want to connect two devices and connect the crossover cable to the port of the Ethernet switch, it will be enough.
If you are into gaming then you will probably require a more efficient ethernet switch to handle the load. We have reviewed the best ethernet switch for gaming in this article, so do read this article thoroughly before making a choice.

1. NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch – Most Reliable

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged

If you are looking to know which Ethernet switch to choose, or have an idea on the most powerful device then this model from Netgear could please you with its 8 ports on its structure.

It offers a gigabit network speed that is 1 gigabit / s. It is inexpensive in terms of power consumption as it is compatible with IEEE802.3az energy-efficient Ethernet mode. In addition, the model is ideal for companies that want to extend the wired network of offices at a low cost.

Even being unmanaged, its installation is done quickly and its startup does not require any pilot. It has been meticulously designed to withstand shocks thanks to its great compactness and robustness. Nonetheless, if you encounter any problem while using it, rest assured, it is guaranteed for life and is protected by Prosafe who is available at all times to offer you technical support. It is also easy to mount on the wall or a desk for home use or professional use.

Why Is It Unique?

It has auto-Uplink which allows you to adjust crossover or straight cables. This best network switch for gaming is very easy to install and manage. It supports jumbo frames up to a whooping 9Kbps.

Buyer’s Experience

Most of the buyers have given positive responses to this gaming switch. Buyers liked its easy and quick installation feature. 

Best Fit For

This Ethernet switch is the best fit for people who are running more than one computer in their houses. Its modern look will surely catch your eye. This switch brings stability to your internet connection.


Robust metal construction
8 auto-detection ports
Easy monitoring of activity and speed
Lifetime warranty
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The switch does not measure the power consumed by each PoE device.

2. D-Link Ethernet Switch, Metal Desktop Plug, And Play Compact – Most Portable

D-Link Ethernet Switch, 5 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Metal Desktop Plug and Play Compact (DGS-105),Black

Before considering where to buy the best switch for gaming, it’s important to list your needs first. If you haven’t already, you can still rely on the advice and opinions of users.

For the following model, know that it has considerable success with buyers, individuals or professionals, wishing to increase the number of Ethernet ports in their premises. It is especially effective in a small home office or a small workroom.

Why Is It Unique?

This switch offers a gigabit network thanks to these 5-gigabit ports. It, therefore, shares a fluid connection on all connected devices. For optimal management of your home network, the model has a function that is used to diagnose network cables that could be faulty. So you will be safe from breakdowns. 

Plus, it works with a simple plug-in without having to install additional software or have to perform a complex setup. By being unmanaged, it works efficiently with energy savings thanks to the accompanying D-link Green technology.

Buyer’s Experience

This product has got amazing ratings from users who needed a small and portable ethernet switch for their personal use. The 5 ports can be a very good asset if you are looking for the best gaming switches. For more 5 port options you can read this post on Best 5 Port Gigabit switch reviews.

Best Fit For

It is best to fit for users who are looking for their personal use and want to use this switch only in their bedroom and not for the whole house. This switch can easily handle an individual’s demands from the router.


Very Silent
Easy To Install
D-Link Green Technology
Connects up to 16 devices to router


No Fan

3. TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch – Most Secure

TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch | Plug and Play | Desktop or Wall-Mount | Plastic...

While TP-Link may not be the best Ethernet switch brand in everyone’s eyes, they are happy to make this 8-port model available to users. These ports are all smooth network flow with 10/100/1000 Mb / s value and auto MDI / MDX function.

It is connected with a type of wireless connector which reduces the clutter of your room. Easily installable, this switch works in Plug and Play without resorting to configuration steps. In addition, it is suitable for any type of installation, whether on a wall or a desk and even with a plastic enclosure.

In addition, it has been developed with TP-Link Green technology which promotes energy saving, which will allow you a cheaper and amortized energy operating cost during its use.

Why Is It Unique?

It automatically adjusts the connection speed of a device on its network with the auto-negotiation feature it has. The transferred data remains faithful to the source thanks to the control of PLUX IEEE802.3X. It has 8-gigabit network ports to display high efficiency for data exchange and connection sharing in general.

Its installation and start-up do not require any configuration to ensure good performance in a simple and intuitive process. Developed with technology that reduces energy consumption, this switch allows savings of up to 80%.

Buyer’s Experience

This best internet switch for gaming is being loved by the buyers. Its 8 ports fulfill all the router demands of its users.

Best Fit For

This is the best fit for people who require an ethernet switch for a full house gaming Bootcamp or office. It can sufficiently provide you a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.


Less Energy Consumption
Easy To Install
Auto-Negotiation Feature
3 status-reporting LEDs
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Bit Noisy

4. Tenda 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch – Best For Gamers

Tenda SG108, 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Unmanaged Network Hub, Ethernet Splitter, Plug & Play,...

The Tenda SG108, although not the cheapest, stands out from other models in that it has 8 ports. This results in a high transmission capacity.

More specifically, the masses of data are conveyed by the switch up to 1,000 Mbps, the brand promises that the speed is 10 times greater than that of a 100 Mbit switch. As you might expect, the Tenda SG108 operates in auto-negotiation mode. This means that the switch connects and operates automatically even if a manager can intervene on one or more ports in particular.

Why Is It Unique?

The baud rate of this model is difficult to compare with that of other switches. This allows to network the computers of one or more offices or even an entire department in a company to network.

This quality is also important for long gaming sessions or for viewing HD videos. Last but not least in the public eye, the switch has LED indicators that show how the device is working. 

Buyer’s Experience

This product is very positively rated by the buyers, mostly gamers. The easy to install switch makes it one of the best ethernet switches for gaming among buyers.

Best Fit For

It is the best fit for people who want to do intense gaming and require an ethernet switch that can hold on to the load. If you are running a gaming cafe or gaming Bootcamp then this switch might satisfy your internet hunger.


LED Indicators
Flawless Gaming
Auto-Negotiation Mode
3 status-reporting LEDs
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Slight Expensive

5. TP-Link TL-SF1005D 5-Port – Most Affordable

TP-Link TL-SF1005D 5-Port 10/100 Mbps Desktop Ethernet Switch/Hub, Ethernet Splitter, Plug & Play,...

To know which is the best Ethernet switch on the market, you have to look at the speed it can offer. This model of TP-Link promises 10/100 Mbps for your local network. The cable is useful for better managing the data flow of a small and medium-sized business, startup, union education, association, and many more.

This device has 5 ports. 4 inputs are intended for various materials (computers, tablets), while the fifth can be connected to the box, to the router, and even to another switch. If there is one characteristic of the best Ethernet switch, it is the multiplicity of inputs.

Why Is It Unique?

Whether in companies or associations or unions, among others, certain information is supposed to remain confidential because of its strategic nature. The TP-Link switch charges automatically and a simple test can confirm it. It identifies the source and destination addresses for the data packets to arrive at the affected ports.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers have given healthy reviews for this product. It’s a highly portable switch and can be mounted at most of the places in your house.

Best Fit For

It is best to fit people who don’t have too many gadgets to the plugin. It supplies enough speed for an individual gamer’s usage.


Easy To Install
3 status-reporting LEDs
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Fragile Build

Buying Guide For Ethernet Switch For Gaming  

1. Why do I need a switch?

A switch is a gadget that will switch the network inputs and outputs to multiplex the number of available connections. Thus, it will pass network data or packets from one frame to another, improving security and performance.

  • Unlike a hub or concentrator, the switch does not need to replicate the data transmitted by each of its ports when two nodes are trying to communicate, which saves great bandwidth, improving performance, and avoiding collisions. The switch will transmit only the data from the sending node to the receiving node using their MAC addresses, leaving the rest of its ports free, if it is not necessary to transmit through them. Also, the hub is going to adapt to the lower speeds when two devices are connected.
  • You need it if you want to connect more than two devices by cabling to the same LAN network, in that case, we will need to buy a hub (if we are not too demanding), or if we have an even larger network with higher performance, we will need a switch. Well, in this new guide we are going to explain everything you need to know to choose the best switches for gaming.
  • Also when we have a router with a limited number of ports and we want to connect more devices by cable to the Internet or the WAN network to which said router or modem gives access. In these cases, to increase the available RJ45 ports, we can connect a switch to our router and this will multiply the number of ports at our disposal, thus allowing us to connect all the equipment we need.

2. What do I need to know to buy the best switch?

  • Network switch: There are different types of switches, such as storage networks or SANs, some of them based on fiber optics. But we are only interested in those based on Ethernet LAN since the other type of networks is not frequent in the home.
  • Durability:  A switch is a device that is subjected to a great workload, especially if we make intensive use of our network. For this reason, we must choose the best brands to ensure that they are reliable and durable, otherwise, we will find connection problems that many less experienced users will not know what to attribute to and it is simply a broken switch that must be replaced.
  • Speed: The network technology with which the switch works is very important, not only for compatibility with our devices but because they will limit the speed of our network. For the home, a switch that accepts Gigabit LAN speeds of 1Gbps would be sufficient, even if we want to video conference via Skype or other HD software or if we have many devices connected.
  • Density: Thinking about all the current new technologies that need a connection to the network, such as the flourishing IoT, some home automation devices that need connection, or if we have network printers, smart TVs, and other equipment connected to the network, it is important to have a good density. That is, with the largest number of ports available. 

Buying a switch with too many ports will mean making an investment that is too high that we are not going to take advantage of, and buying one with few ports may eventually cost us having to acquire another to meet the growing demand for connections. Therefore, the idea is to make a study of the number of ports that we need previously and think that it is possible that in the future we will need some more.

Currently, there are some small ones with 4 ports, and others with more of them, to the switches used in data centers or HPC that have a large number of ports and very high performance to handle high-performance Ethernet LAN technologies or Infiniband, etc.

3. Manageable Vs Unmanageable

There are manageable and unmanageable switches. The former is usually somewhat more expensive, but they allow us greater possibilities:

  • Manageable: Thanks to their firmware they have a large number of features such as VLAN, CLI, SNMP, IP routing, QoS, Link Aggregation, IGMP Snooping, bandwidth limiter, etc. This is good and desirable for professionals or large data centers.
  • Smart: We also find smart switches on the market, which allow us to manage some of the features, not all, but their price is somewhat more moderate and affordable for homes. That is, they would be halfway between manageable and unmanageable.
  • Unmanageable: They are cheaper, but do not support managing those features. Therefore, they are not intelligent, but simply allow the connection of devices and already come with a factory default configuration that we cannot change. This, on the other hand, also makes them easier for users without knowledge, since they will not have to configure them. Just plug them in and go.

4. Firmware And Other Functionalities

It is important that the equipment supplier constantly update its firmware to allow us to be protected from possible vulnerabilities or bugs that our equipment has. In addition, the firmware will determine the performance and functionalities of our equipment.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoE + are other technologies to consider, and it is important to know if our switch supports it or not. It is a technology that supplies power also through the LAN cable itself. This allows devices connected to the network to be powered by the same cable and eliminates the need for additional power outlets or power adapters.

SDN (Software-Defined Networking) is another set of networking techniques, which aims to allow users to implement or approach software networking in a different way. Currently, the most widely used standard for SDN is the open OpenFlow, which even allows the management of the data path that the packets of a network connected by a switch must follow remotely.

How To Use An Ethernet Switch?

Acquiring an Ethernet switch is already a good initiative, but it will also be necessary to master its operation. You need to know all the handling secrets of this device to reap its benefits.

1. Take Care Of Inventory

When receiving the package, do not rush to try the device. Carefully inspect the switch to make sure it is the model you ordered. Check that the vendor provides the AC adapter for the hardware connection.

2. Arrange The Switch Installation

Once you have finished checking the contents of your box, prepare to install the hardware. This step is also important if you want to optimize the installation of your switch. Take some time to determine the location where you plan to put this equipment down. You can install it on a flat surface or can also mount it somewhere. In the second case, take the fixing screws provided, otherwise think about getting some on the market. Either way, make sure that the device is placed in a well ventilated and unobstructed place.

3. Install The Device

Install the equipment when you have defined the criteria for its installation. To do this, connect a section of the Ethernet cable from each of the devices to a port. Then, connect the other end to one of the ports. Once it’s done, use the adapter and plug its end into the back of the switch and the other end into an AC outlet. When you’ve done everything right, check that the power light turns on properly.

4. Check That Everything Is Working Fine

If there is a problem, such as a non-working power light, immediately verify that the adapter is properly plugged into the outlet. In case you have used an extension cord, make sure it is securely plugged into an outlet. Otherwise, examine the switch, as you might have forgotten to turn it on.

If you are facing a connection problem, inspect the connectors to be sure they are properly seated inside the device and switch. 

5. Take The Right Steps

Be sure to keep the user manual provided by the manufacturer safe. Indeed, you might need it later when you run into problems. Do the same for the warranty and support card provided with the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1. Are Ethernet Switches good for Gaming?

A1. You will require many devices to plug-in for gaming and for that you will be surely in need of an Ethernet Switch. So, it’s great for gaming.

Q2. Do Ethernet Switches Affect Speed?

A2. The internet speed is directly dependent on your service provider. The switch doesn’t affect the speed.

Q3. For how long Ethernet Switches last?

A3. Most of the best ethernet switches for gaming can easily last a minimum of 5 years.

Q4. When should you use an Ethernet Switch?

A4. You can use an Ethernet Switch when your router doesn’t have sufficient ports.

Q5. Do multiple Ethernet Switches reduce Speed?

A5. No, they don’t affect speed.

Final Verdict

All the ethernet switches mentioned in this article are of top-notch quality and performance. But You should choose the best network switch for gaming according to your own needs and space.

The best Ethernet switch for gaming according to us will be Tenda 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch. It is a decent switch and can manage all your gaming sessions easily. You can rely on it. But again it all depends on your situation and requirements for choosing the perfect one for you.