What is the Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming? [Reviews and Buying Guide 2022]

best ethernet cable for gaming

If you are into online gaming, then you know how important a good wifi connection is. When you are in the middle of an online game, you cannot afford to have slow internet speed or lag. Even if you own a router or modem, the wireless connection may not be strong enough to provide the best gaming experience.  This is when the ethernet cable comes into the picture. 

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Ethernet cables are used to connect devices like consoles, desktops, laptops, etc. As it is a wired connection, it is considered to be more reliable. The ethernet cable ranges from Cat 5 to Cat 8. With a wide range of ethernet cables to choose from, it can be a demanding task to select one. 

If you are planning to buy an ethernet cable but can’t decide, this article will be of great help to you. We have curated a list of the 10 best ethernet cable for gaming that are present in the market. Also, a buying guide will help you find the ideal ethernet cables according to your needs. 

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10 Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming Reviews

1. Cable Matters Snagless Long Cat6 Ethernet Cable (Cat6 Cable, Cat 6 Cable) in Blue 50 ftTop Pick

Cable Matters 10Gbps Snagless Long Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft (Cat 6 Cable, Cat6 Cable, Internet...

This ethernet cable provides outstanding transfer performance. The cable uses a bare copper wire, and gold-plated connectors provide a fast and secure internet connection in a number of devices like routers, PoE, VoIP devices, etc. 

The copper wires are covered by PVC, which is elastic and reliable. To avoid any overheating issues, there is a PoE application. Better heat dissipation results in enhanced performance. This ethernet cable is one of the best Cat6 cables. 

Why is it unique?

Not only this cable is backward compatible with Cat 5 devices, but it is also future-proof to meet your requirements in the future. It has a high bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz. The speed can be up to 10 Gbps. A pair of a separator separates the twisted wires to minimize the crosstalk or interference. The length of the wire is 50 feet. 

Buyer’s experience 

After analyzing customers’ numerous feedback, it is safe to say that this ethernet cable works perfectly. Its durability is unmatched, as the buyers state that they used this cable without any issues. Therefore, it is a great choice. 

Best fit for 

With its high speed, you can use it for many purposes, seamless gaming, HD video streaming, lag-free video conference, etc. You can use it in your home as well as in the office. Hence, irrespective of your purpose of buying an internet cable, this is an ideal choice.


Excellent value for its cost. 
The wifi signal is great. 
Unmatched durability.
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The cables are inelastic. 

2. Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 50 ft Shielded, faster than Cat5e/Cat6 Network, durable Cat7 High-Speed RJ45 Lan Wire for Router, Modem, Gaming, Hub – Best Overall

Jadaol Ethernet Cable 50 ft, Supports Cat 8 / Cat 7 Standard, High Speed RJ45 Gaming Patch Cord,...

Jadaol is a well-known brand when it comes to ethernet cables. It manufactures a wide range of ethernet cables whether in Cat 5, 6, 7, or 8. This Cat 7 ethernet cable offers high speed with great stability. 

This is specially designed for gaming purposes. This network cable will provide speeds that will prevent any lag while you are playing so that you can have the best gaming experience. The cable is flat in shape to ensure that it can easily pass under the doors, drawers, etc. 

Why is it unique?

This Cat 7 ethernet cable offers a high bandwidth of 600 Mhz, which is higher than most ethernet cables around; besides that, the speed it can deliver can be up to 10 Gbps.

The four copper wires have three coverings, the first PVC, the second aluminum foil, and the last HDPE jacket. This ensures that the copper wires are secured and separate from each other—also, 15 cable clips for easy mounting. 

Buyer’s experience 

The customers are impressed by the performance of this Cat 7 ethernet cable. They saw significant improvement in the internet speed in the device connected via this internet cable. Also, it was simple to install. Hence, the users would highly recommend it to others. 

Best fit for 

With its high speed and high bandwidth, it is an ideal high speed ethernet cable for gaming. This ethernet cable will efficiently increase the speed of the internet to prevent any kind of delay. 


Good internet speed. 
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
High bandwidth.
Tangle-free design. 


Not long-lasting. 

3. Cat7 Ethernet Cable, 50 Ft Network Cable for Xbox PS4, High-Speed Flat Internet Cord with Clips RJ45 Snagless Connector Best Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Cat7 Ethernet Cable, 50 Ft Network Cable for Xbox PS4, High Speed Flat Internet Cord with Clips Rj45...

The ethernet cable allows the device to connect easily and quickly to the LAN network for better data speed in your device; it follows a flat design for ease in installation as it becomes easier to bend. 

The RJ45 connector is gold-plated to make it resistant to corrosion and increase its life. The cable is made from best-in-class materials, so it remains durable. It can withstand around 15 kg of weight.

Why is it unique?

You can link your devices with any device like a printer, router, laptop, computer, VoIP phones, etc. This Cat 7 ethernet cable provides a blazingly high speed of 10 Gbps with a bandwidth performance of up to 600 Mhz. The connectors are designed in a way to be noise-free and minimum interference. With all these features combined, this ethernet cable is an efficient product. 

Buyer’s experience 

The buyers found it more simple to use compared to other cables, which have unnecessarily thick connectors, which make the task of plugging and unplugging difficult. Other than that, the internet speed is also just as promised and provides a smooth gaming experience. 

Best fit for 

Although it is made keeping gaming in mind yet, you can use it for any other work around the house or office. As it is universally compatible with all sorts of devices, you do not have to worry about whether it will work with your device or not.


Quite simple to use. 
Flexible and reliable.
Stable wifi connection
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Difficult to rewind.

4. Ethernet Cable 100 ft Cat 8, Zosio, High Speed 2000MHZ 40GBPS Internet Patch Cable Cord Shielded Durable Gold Plated RJ45 Connector for Gaming PC,TV, PS4, Modem, Router, Mac, Laptop, Xbox – Best Cat 8

ZOSION Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 100 ft High Speed 40Gbps 2000Mhz Internet Patch Cable Cord, Heavy Duty...

If you want to have an interference-free Cat-8 ethernet cable then consider buying this cable. This has a bandwidth you cannot find in any other ethernet cable. Moreover, the speed is lightning fast, so the problem of unstable wireless connection can be solved. 

The copper wires used in this network cable are high-grade and oxygen-free, decreasing the resistance and improving performance. It is apt for outdoor purposes with its weather-resistant features.

Why is it unique?

For easy storage and installation, the cables come with complimentary clips and ties. PVC covering around the copper wires protects it from the harshness of the environment.

Also, it is a flexible material, so it is bent and turned when setting it up. The bandwidth is 2000 MHz, while the maximum speed can go up to 40 Gbps. This includes additional shielding to have the minimum possible. 

Buyer’s experience 

The buyers are more than happy with the performance of this internet cable. Some even say that this is the best Cat 8 ethernet cable they have ever used. This was also useful in connecting devices on the outside of the house of office. Therefore, it is worth its money. 

Best fit for 

If you are looking for an ethernet cable you can use in the outdoors, this is suitable. It has high durability features like UV protection, corrosion-resistant, and weather protection. Also, it is for someone who is looking for extremely high bandwidth in the ethernet cable. 


Super high bandwidth. 
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
Weather-resistant features. 
Great value for the money.


Does not have a flat design. 

5. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 50 ft Shielded, 26AWG Lastest 40Gbps 2000Mhz SFTP Patch Cord, in Wall, Outdoor, Weatherproof Rated for Router, Modem, Gaming – Best for Outdoors

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 50 ft Shielded, Indoor&Outdoor, Heavy Duty High Speed Direct Burial 26AWG Cat8...

This Cat 8 ethernet cable is packed with all the good features to deliver a high performance. Once you use this cable, you will notice a remarkable boost in the wifi connection’s speed and stability, which your router could not provide when connected wirelessly. 

It is designed in a way to be weather-proof so that it can efficiently provide a strong and proper connection to the devices located outside the house. With the gold-plating on the connector, there is almost negligible signal wastage, which brings out the best of the cable.

Why is it unique?

This ethernet cable performs exceptionally well. It has the bandwidth and speed of 2000 MHz and 40 Gbps. With proper size connectors, you can connect them without any hassle. It uses a PVC jacket for better flexibility along with sturdiness.

This can even withstand animal biting. Not only it delivers a fast connection but also a secure one. Moreover, it is backward compatible with all categories of ethernet cable. 

Buyer’s experience 

Almost every buyer has seen an incredible improvement in their gaming experience after switching to this Cat 8 ethernet cable. With its robust built, it lasted longer than they expected. The price is also lower compared to its performance. Thus, it is a highly recommended product.

Best fit for 

Keeping in mind its weather-proof build, it is best for outdoor purposes. Also, it has a pretty high speed; thus, it will be ideal for gaming. 


Weather-proof design. 
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
Flexible cable. 
Fast and secure connection. 


Does not have a flat design.

6. Ethernet Cable Cat 6, 50 ft White – Flat Internet Network Lan patch cords, Snagless RJ45 Connectors for Router, Modem – Best Cat 6

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft, Outdoor&Indoor 10Gbps Support Cat8 Cat7 Network, Flat Internet RJ45 LAN...

Are you looking for a CAT 6 ethernet cable that has all the best features combined with a low price? If yes, then give a look at this product by Jadaol. This 50-feet long cable has a flat design for easy installation along the wall or under the doors. 

With its 50 micron gold-plated RJ45 connectors, the interference is minimized to get the best out of these cables. Not only that, it is universally compatible with all sorts of devices. This is an ethernet cable that you must consider. 

Why is it unique?

This tangle-free ethernet cable is available in 10 colors with a length ranging from 1 to 150 feet. The cable delivers a speed of 10 Gbps. The bandwidth you can have in this wire is 250 MHz. Also, the wires are designed in a way to prevent the internal breakage of wires.

The high-grade copper wires had two covers, one of HDPE and then a PVC jacket, so that it remains flexible while being robust. Moreover, there are 15 cable clips included in the package. 

Buyer’s experience 

According to the buyers, this ethernet cable excels in every aspect. It is thin enough to stay out of the way. Moreover, it has an astonishingly fast data speed, which does not drop out of the blue. Thus, the buyers state that this is one of the best gaming ethernet cable Cat 6 available in the market. 


Good quality connection. 
Great durability. 
Low cost. 
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The clips are not the best.

7. AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable – 50 Feet (15.2 Meters) – Most Secure

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable - 50 Foot (15.2 Meters), Black

AmazonBasics provides some of the best wifi accessories. This CAT-6 ethernet cable offers a reliable and fast connection. With its RJ45 cable, this cable is universally compatible and can connect to numerous devices. 

You can buy the ethernet cable according to your needs. Not only is the speed of the internet high, but the connection is more secure than a wireless network. The materials used in making this wire are high-grade so that it lasts long.

Why is it unique?

The length of this CAT-6 ethernet wire is from 3 to 50 feet. The maximum speed it can deliver is up to 1000 Mbps, while the bandwidth is 250 MHz.

Hence, with this ethernet cable, you will never have to face the problem of latency or delay. The outer covering of the cable is made from PVC, which is highly durable. 

Buyer’s experience 

According to the user, this product’s performance is great, especially for the price it comes. It significantly improved the signal quality in their devices. Also, with its high durability, it lasted long. Hence, they love it. 

Best fit for 

With the high speed and long length, this ethernet wire can be used for home purposes like gaming and also for office work. Also, if you are looking for a cable that maintains your network’s security, this cable is suitable for you. 


The price is feasible.
High-speed internet. 
Dependable PVC covering.
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The thick covering makes it difficult to fit in devices.

8. UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable Shielded Gigabit Flat Cat7 RJ45 LAN Cable, Compatible for PS5 Gaming PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC Laptop Modem Router, Computer, 50FT – Most Durable

UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable Cat7 High Speed Flat Gigabit RJ45 LAN Cable 10Gbps Shielded Internet...

This ethernet cable by UGREEN is a high performing cable that can be used in various applications. It offers lightning-fast speed with a stable network connection so you can enjoy your favorite online multiplayer game without any problem. 

Not only is it stable, but it is universally compatible with all RJ45 connector devices like Xbox, PS5, PS3, computers, routers, etc. Its unique flat design is easily manageable when going along the wall or under the carpet.

Why is it unique?

This Cat-7 ethernet cable can deliver a speed of 10 Gbps while the maximum bandwidth is 600 MHz. The cable uses aluminum foil to avoid electromagnetic interference for greater stability.

With 24k gold-covered connectors and a PVC jacket, this ethernet cable is not only dependable but also elastic enough for easy use. 

Buyer’ experience 

Most buyers had only positive things to say about this Cat-7 ethernet cable. With its fast performance, the users never had to face the problem of slow connections.

Moreover, it is built from top-notch materials and hence, lasted long. Therefore, the buyers would recommend it to others.

Best fit for 

As said before, this has all the features to be a versatile ethernet cable. It can be connected to multiple devices in a home, office, or even in a data room. It is highly ideal for online gaming.


High-grade materials used. 
The price is affordable. 
The speed is fast and consistent.
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The cover on the connector makes it hard to remove from the device.

9. Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet) – Supports Cat6 / Cat5e / Cat5 Standards, 550MHz, 10Gbps – RJ45 Computer Networking Cord (Part# 31-399-50X) – Best Performance

Mediabridge™ Ethernet Cable (50 Feet) - Supports Cat6 / Cat5e / Cat5 Standards, 550MHz, 10Gbps -...

This Cat 6 ethernet cable is one of the most well-performing Cat 6 cables you can find. It supports all your devices and is also backward compatible with Cat 5e, Cat 5 applications. It has four twisted copper wires with a PE separator to stop crosstalk. 

With this ethernet cable, you also get a velcro strap, which allows easy management and installation of the cable. Moreover, the velcro strap included is reusable. The RJ45 connector has an easy-to-grip design for easy connecting and disconnecting. 

Why is it unique?

These Cat 6 ethernet cables are ten times better than Cat 5e ethernet cables. You can easily install these cables to any of your devices, whether PCs, consoles, computers, routers, modems, etc.

The highest speed and bandwidth offered are 10 Gbps and 550 Mhz, respectively. The connector has proper gold-plating to ensure better performance. 

Buyer’s experience 

With its exceptional performance and low cost, this ethernet cable has become of the favorites of the people. Not only it has an excellent wifi signal; it is much easier to use. Therefore, users advise others to purchase this product. 

Best fit for 

The high bandwidth of this cable assures buffering-free gaming and streaming experience along with other server applications. If you want to replace your Cat 5e, then this cable is what you need.


High bandwidth is available. 
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
Provides seamless gaming experience. 
The price is appropriate.


The wire can become brittle with time.

10. Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7 Network Ethernet Patch Internet Cable – 3 Feet – Best Budget

Amazon Basics HL-007286 RJ45 Cat7 Network Ethernet Patch Cable - 3 Feet

Another ethernet cable by AmazonBasics, this cable has some of the best features. The price of this ethernet cable is very nominal. It delivers a fast and dependable connection in the linked device. 

With the outer PVC jacket, the wire remains safe from corrosion and other effects of the surroundings. It is much better than any Cat-7 ethernet cable. With 50-micron gold-plating and aluminum foil, the interference is made as little as possible. 

Why is it unique?

The speed of the cable is 40 Gbps, along with the bandwidth of 600 MHz. The cable uses top-notch materials to ensure greater stability. It is also backward compatible with lower-rated categories of ethernet cables.

The length of this cable is 3 feet. It has less interference from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. This reduces the noise and heating effect in the wire. 

Buyer’s experience 

The customers believe that this product is much better than many ethernet cables out there in the market. As per the customers, this cable is strong and has a prolonged life with good speed and stability. Therefore, it is worthy of being in the top 10. 

Best fit for 

If you want an inexpensive small Cat 7 ethernet cable to connect a device situated at a distance less or equal to 3 feet, then this is the best fit for you. 


Strong build. 
Less interference from outside. 
High speed. 
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Not flexible.

What Kind of Ethernet Cable Do I Need? [Buying Guide]

After reading about the above products, you will have an idea about the various virtues of an ethernet cable. However, not any good ethernet cable will be the best for you. You have to check certain factors and make sure that it is appropriate as per your demands. This step will help you find the best ethernet cable for PC gaming for yourself. 

1. Length 

Length is an important aspect of the buying guide for ethernet cables. You should buy a long enough cable as per the distance between the device and router or modem.

If the ethernet cable falls short, it would be a wastage of money and hence, carefully measure the distance. Also, one must remember that the greater the length is, the more will be the data loss. Therefore, try to find the shortest route from your router to the device. 

2. Category 

The category is often represented as Cat on the ethernet cables. This refers to the specific version of the ethernet port for which the cable is suitable. There are four types of categories, namely 5, 6, 7, and 8. The greater the Cat rating will be, the better the performance will be. A high-rated Cat has a high frequency, which involves less interference and hence better signal strength.

The good thing is that a few ethernet cables are backward compatible. This means that even if they are of a higher rating, they can work with lower-rated devices. For instance, a backward-compatible Cat 7 ethernet cable will also work with Cat 6. Thus first,  check what kind of category you require.

3. Durability 

Durability is essential no matter what you are purchasing. An ethernet cable must have high durability. This can be achieved using a high-grade PVC, flat shape of the cable, good quality copper wires, etc.

Ensure that the cable you buy has these features if you are looking for a long-lasting cable. This is even more important if you are using it for connecting outdoor devices like cameras. If so, make sure that it is weather-resistant so that it does not fail just after some time of use. 

4. Connector 

A connector is a vital part of the cable. It is the part that connects to the device. Make sure that the connector is made using good quality materials and has sufficient gold-plating. The gold-plating increases the life of the connector by making it corrosion-resistant.

However, there are many ethernet cables with extra thick heads, which makes them difficult to fit or hard to remove. Therefore, do check it is not the case with the ethernet cable you are buying. 

5. Price 

Ethernet cables are not an expensive accessory. The price range is usually small. However, not all ethernet cable has good performance.

Thus, you must compare different brands that offer similar features and performance to identify, which has the most appropriate price. Keep in mind the points mentioned above as well so that its features are according to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is ethernet cable better than wireless connection?

A1. In terms of speed and reliability, the ethernet cable is much better than a wireless connection. It is faster as it uses a physical mode for the transmission, which is more reliable and provides faster speeds. There is considerably less interference in a wired connection. A wireless signal is more vulnerable to interference from other routers in the neighborhood. 

However, one major drawback of ethernet cable is the lack of portability. You cannot take your device around the house when connected via a wire. A wireless connection, on the other hand, is very portable. You can carry it out anywhere around within the range of the router or modem. This article will help you clear all your doubts.

Q2. How long can the ethernet cable be without degrading the speed?

A2. It is a fact that ethernet cable provides a faster network than a wireless network. However, speed can decrease when the length is increased. It is due to the increased resistance of the wire. The case is even worse if the wire is thin. 

Usually, the ethernet cable can be around 90 to 100 meters long without affecting the quality of the signal. Some ethernet cables have different ratings for different lengths. Hence, length is a major factor in speed.

Q3. How can I connect my computer to the router with an ethernet cable?

A3. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the router. A router has various ethernet ports. Gently push in the connector in the port until you hear a click sound. After connecting to one of the ports, connect the other side to your computer’s ethernet ports.  

The router will identify the computer on its own and indicate it on the LED lights if present. Check the connection on your computer. Enter the SSID and key if needed, and you will be able to access the internet on your device.


Ethernet cables are an efficient method of having the best internet connection possible in your devices to have a lag-free gaming experience, which is most important in gaming. We hope that the information is provided in this article may even help you come to a decision without any confusion. 

Also, do not avoid the importance of the buying guide points because these points will help you find an ethernet cable that not only suits your requirements but is also available at the best price possible. This was from our side on best ethernet cable for gaming. Let us know your views in the comments.