AC1200 VS AC1750: An Ultimate Comparison in 2022 [TP-Link VS Netgear]

AC1200 VS AC1750

How does it feel when you are playing your favorite FIFA 20 and suddenly you get disconnected?

Or while playing CS: GO you’re getting disconnected because of server lacking and have to settle for a cool down for 7 days?

Does it get tough isn’t it?

Network stability is a big part when you’re playing online games or even streaming movies. This is where a great router always leaves its impact. A router with high-speed internet and great stability means that you’ll never get kicked out of a game because of network issues. You can get high bandwidth to even connect multiple devices or stream movies at 4K resolution according to your needs.

The TP-Link AC1200 and the Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 are such modems that give you this luxury. But which router will you choose for your work? If you want to know more, just keep following this comparison guide below knowing all.

1. TP-Link AC1200 VS Netgear AC1750: Performance

Whenever you purchase a router, the first thing that should come to your mind is how the router performs. This will include everything from the chipset used with the router to the speed that it can generate. The performance of the router classifies how upgraded the modem is and how beneficial that you can get from the product.

It also makes sure that the product has a high capacity while connecting to multiple devices and providing a uniform bandwidth to all. You can pick any of the available routers according to your choice of performance requirement as mentioned below.


When I first saw the TP-Link AC1200, the first thing that caught my mind was the stunning performance from an entry-level router. It includes a simple installation process that was just set up in a few minutes. Moreover, because of the Plug and Play option available with the product, it became easier for me to complete the installation.

Apart from this, I found that the product includes a 2X2 MU-MIMO support. So if you compare the AC1200 with other available products, it seems to be a top choice. With dual MU-MIMO support, you can also get dual bands for the product.

Apart from this, I found that the TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 can’t connect to several devices with a 1-touch setup. I have connected the router to almost every available device on my home and it gives me a great shape.

While reviewing further, I got to know that the AC1200 has a 2.4 GHz band that may come with some minor issues involved, but I believe that this is outshined by the stunning performance that the router delivers. So you can always expect fast connectivity and a super-fast router performance with the AC1200.


When it comes to the performance, the Netgear AC1750 is one such product that will amaze you with the strength that it has. Since I’ve used the AC1750 at my office, I and my colleagues would connect more than 20 devices with the router. Needless to say that the router has impressed all of us!

Initially, I was a little worried about the lagging while playing online games and it never seemed to be a real problem for using the router. However, the one thing that impressed me the most was the smart connect feature. This allowed the AC1750 to be discoverable easily and also connect to the paired device in a short glance.

So if you just dig into the specifications, you’ll find that the Nighthawk AC1750 is loaded with simplicity. There’s nothing much hectic about the product and it is easy for your use.

Winner: AC1200

2. AC1200 VS AC1750: Speed

Another important factor in comparison is the speed of the router that we use. It often gets frustrating when you have so much for high-speed internet connectivity and you end up getting limited. This may seem never to go right with your router. So to avoid this congestion, you need to look for a router that has a high-speed capacity.

So when you connect to multiple routers or even go at a distance away from the origin, you may be able to get a decent speed on all the connected devices. The ranges of the antenna are also a part of this speed. So let’s have a look who wins this round.


While reviewing the TP-Link AC1200, I found that it is a high-performing entry-level router that you can buy. In a deep comparison, it almost outshines every router that falls under the same category. Moreover, because of the dual-band operations, we found that the product comes with high-speed internet connectivity.

It has bands including the 2.4 GHz and the other one with 5 GHz channels. While reviewing, we found that the 2.4 GHz channel includes an upload speed of 300 Mbps while the 5 GHz channel includes an upload speed of 867 Mbps. So it is slightly on the higher side.

Apart from this, I found that the AC1200 comes with a decent download speed of 300 Mbps when I had connected with multiple devices. Gradually as I moved back to 75 feet, it dropped at 72 Mbps. At home, this speed seems quite sufficient for streaming and watching movies.

Moreover, the 2.4 GHz channel included a speed of 80 Mbps while I went to a distance of 5 feet. As I gradually moved back to 75 feet, I found that the speed dropped to 20 Mbps and it seemed to be quite good for all the mobile devices.


The Netgear AC1750 is another impressive product when it comes to the speed and the level of connectivity. By the name, you can understand that the AC1750 can reach a speed of 1750 Mbps. Since it also has dual bands, the two bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

While reviewing further, I found that the 5 GHz channel can reach a speed of 1300 Mbps and the other band can reach a maximum speed of 450 Mbps. So even if you use either of the bands for your home or office, it’s going to be a good option. Because of these multiple connectivity features, the bandwidth may drop down a bit, but it is still efficient for you to use even at a distance of 75 feet.

Winner: AC1750

3. AC1200 VS AC1750: Design

Buying just a random router and then having a problem with just to fit it in a tight space is a common problem for everyone. Not many people are focused on the availability of the ports, the presence of switches and the option of having the antenna. Each of the features of a router has its significance and may influence you to get a better version.

So before you buy any router, you must know what type of design you are looking for and how it can help to fulfill your requirements. Both the TP-Link AC1200 and the Netgear AC1750 are different in the design, the structure, and the other features. You can compare them below.


Since the AC1200 comes as an entry-level router, you can’t expect the most out of a router in terms of design. But this is the exact thought that I was bluffed about. When I saw the AC1200 for the first time, it caught my eyes because of the impressive features.

Moreover, I found that the Archer A5 AC1200 comes with a conservative and smaller yet attractive body. The top coating is covered by a black matte finish that can give you a proper result. Because of this matte finish, it does not retain the fingerprints.

Apart from the structure, I found that the AC1200 comes with four antennas pointing out from the rear and side. You can’t expect the antennae to be removed and upgraded, but you can certainly change the directions of the antenna. Coming to the front line of the TP-Link AC1200, it features some cut-outs available with the product.

This allows the router to ventilate professionally. The size of the AC1200 is a bit broad and it’s more like a slim box. But if you consider the weight of the product, you’ll feel that the AC1200 is quite light and around 349 grams.


When I took up the AC1750, I got an experience of the original Nighthawk model. Just by this, you can expect an ultra-slim design followed by the sturdy body. The Nighthawk AC1750 includes a wide base followed by rubber-padded legs. So you can place it safely on any flat surface available. Apart from this, the AC1750 comes with 3 antennas. This increases the speed of connectivity options.

Moreover, these antennas are adjustable but are also non-replaceable. However, the one thing that impressed me the most is the option of having one USB 3.0 port available. It allows you to connect to a wide range of external devices and drives easily.

Winner: AC1750

4. AC1200 vs AC1750: Pros and Cons



Easy Setup and Management
Gigabit Wired Connection
Access Point Mode
Eliminate Dead Zones
Dual-Band WiFi


No Firmware updates



Seamless WiFi for up to 30 Devices
Built for Serious Streaming
NETGEAR Armor Advanced Threat Protection
Circle Smart Parental Control
Four High-Speed 1G Wired Connections


Price is high

Similarities of AC1200 and AC1750

1. Technology

The most impressive common factor for both these devices includes the technology involved with the product. Since they are one of the latest products launched by the respective manufacturer, they have almost the same WiFi technology included. While reviewing, I found that both of them include the 802.11ac standard of WiFi technology.

Both the TP-Link AC1200 and Netgear AC1750 come with upgraded technology. The option of having 802.11ac allows the routers to provide optimal performance from the 5 GHz band.

2. Dual Band

Having mode bands mean that you can also get more channels to connect to multiple devices. Moreover, having a higher number of bands means that the device is equipped for considering a better stable connection with the product! It allows you to get a faster routing network. Both the AC1200 and AC1750 include dual bands of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

Though the initial speed for both these bands varies by a little, in terms of the technology included, they are both the same. Because of this, you can prioritize bandwidth for gaming.

3. Setup and Interface

Another impressive similarity between the Archer A5 AC1200 and Nighthawk AC1750 is easy to set up option. Both these devices come with a one-touch setup option with a simple plug and play mechanism. For this, you may not even have to worry much because the devices take up the least possible time to be ready.

While I was testing, I found that the devices took under 30 seconds to be ready and then get started. Apart from this, I found that each of them has a separate web interface where you can log in as the admin and then increase your levels of security.

4. USB Port

The USB port is a necessary feature for any router if you want to format it or connect it to any external device. Most of the professionals do connect the router to a printer of a fax machine for faster printing with the help of the internet. To get this feature, the router must have a USB port.

Luckily, both the AC1200 and AC1750 include a USB 3.0 port along with them. As a result of this, you can connect both these routers to multiple devices with the help of the MU-MIMO technology included with the product. To know more about the best router for multiple devices here is something for you.

5. LAN and WAN

The LAN and the WAN of the router will always be beneficial for you to connect to multiple PCs. Because of this, you will be able to connect to multiple Ethernet connections surrounding you. So the more port options that you get, bet more number of connections you can establish.

However, both the TP-Link AC1200 and Netgear AC1750 come with the same number of Ethernet ports and a WAN port. Both the AC1200 and AC1750 include 4 different LAN ports followed by an internet port that allows you to get secure remote access to your devices. Here is a detailed article on How To Remotely Access My Router?

The Final Recount

Both the AC1200 and AC1750 come with similar technologies and a lot of features between them are common for both. If you have a closer look to each of the products, you’ll find that both of them include a heavy brand name and so they are ready to give a tight competition to the other products available in today’s market.

However, the TP-Link Archer A5 AC1200 can be still classified as one of the best in the entry-level models and the AC1750 is a class apart and comes under the Nighthawk series.

Coming to the AC1200, you’ll feel it as the best budget pick of your choice. With dual-band WiFi and almost 1200 Mbps speed, you may think that this is the right choice for you and rightly so if you are concerned.

However, the AC1750 falls under the professional range and it is almost double the price of the TP-Link AC1200 model. However, when you compare the specs, it feels that the price is justified. When it comes to performance, the AC1750 acts just like a beast.

So according to my suggestion, I will always recommend you to pick the AC1750 over the AC 1200 because of the high-speed connectivity and the reliable source for gaming options.

AC1200 VS AC1750: Ideal For?

If you are just at home and enjoying time watching movies or playing games, the AC1200 is likely going to be your best friend. It comes with decent speed and dual-band capacity that can connect to multiple devices. So even if you roam inside your home while watching 4K videos, the AC1200 will not upset you much. It has proper features that will always attract you to the router.

If you are a professional with the internet and always require a fast connection, the AC1750 is the best pick for you. The AC1750 is a preferable option for most of the gamers who like to spend more time with the server and allowing sharing of bandwidth. The power-packed performance form the router is specially created for multiple operations at the same time.

Here is an ultimate comparison between TP-Link AC1750 VS Asus AC1900. It atleast deserves a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is the AC1200 WiFi 6 compatible?

A1. If you understand the technology behind the WiFi 6, you’ll get to know that the technology requires an 802.11ax standard. Infact, since it is newly available to the market, a lot of manufacturers have not come up with an upgraded version to your Ethernet ports. In such a case, you must know about the components of the AC 1200. It is equipped with the 802.11ac standard. So you can expect a perfect work for the WiFi5.

Q2. Can I connect AC1200 to another wireless router?

A2. Why not? Of course, you can. But for this, either you need to be a techie professional or you need to know every part of the router configuration. Moreover, you need to know if the ISP will support such activities or not. In case you are done with such permissions, let me help you with it. All that you need to do is to turn the AC1200 to an AP mode. This will allow you to get the configurations right.

Q3. Can the 2.4 GHz channel be selected to avoid congestion?

A3. Changing the bandwidth channel is no big deal and it’s not going to affect you much either. But, you can’t do it with the interface directly. You need to re-format the AC1200 in the correct order to change the channel and the bandwidth of each wireless band. My honest opinion is to avoid this complex procedure all by you and then take the help of a professional to get this done. It will be a better idea.

Q4. Does AC1200 support VLAN?

A4. Of course, you can… and even I’ve used the VLAN for my work in the office. It’s mostly created for such improvisations as well. Luckily, the TP-Link has allowed you to go to the web interface and then change the settings. You need to get online with the AC1200 and then go to the management page with Advanced and then followed to the Network. Now you can go to the IPTV and then click to enable this. It will change the settings.

Q5. What WiFi Adapter should I be using with AC1750?

A5. If you just understand the configuration procedure of the AC1750, it includes just two radios- one of the 5 GHz channel and the other with the 2.4 GHz channel. For this, the router will not consume much power and so you can always choose the dual-band ac adapter for your work. If you do not find this, you can also look around for an ‘N’ adapter available. However, you need to make sure that the Smart Connect option is switched on.

Q6. Does AC1750 device support time machine backups?

A6. Now, this is another interesting question that I’ve seen. A lot of Nighthawk users ask the same but it has been stopped by the manufacturers now. The last time when I experienced it was three years back when I had the latest firmware update. But once your router updates the firmware, you’ll not be able to get a hold of this feature again. So if you want the Time machine feature with the AC1750, I’ll suggest you go for installing an old firmware.

Final Verdicts

A good router is always your best friend when you need high-speed internet support and a reliable connection to your device. If you are having several family members connecting their device to the same router, the bandwidth will be shared. Thus, choosing a great router will solve your problems in a flash.

According to my views, both the AC1200 and the AC1750 have dynamic performance and can live up to your requirements. You can follow the complete comparison that I’ve mentioned above to pick the right one. Do comment below about which router you would like to prefer when it comes to your needs.